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Mountain Pine School District Reviews

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Mountain Pine High school is awesome. It is a small school, so everybody knows everybody. Everyone here is all friendly. The staff are nice. The teachers are always there to help when you need it. The buildings are nice. You have a choice on what classes and what extra curricular activities you would like to do. The counselor helps out with everything from school work to Home problems. My school takes you on college trips once you hit the ninth grade. We go a couple times a year its awesome and you learn a lot. We also have a lot of different clubs. All around Mountain Pine is just an amazing place to learn and make friends. We are like family here, everybody knows everybody and barely anybody will fight. There is drama, but every school has drama, ours is just small and the drama dies off fairly quickly. It is really an amazing school to go to. I highly suggest moving to a small school, everybody is really a,amazing.
Mountain Pine was a great place to learn. I met many friendly people and had a wonderful senior year. The teachers helped me so much, and the rest of the staff was also great.
One of the best schools in Arkansas. Small country school that has a great teacher ratio to students. Smaller classroom makes it easier for children to learn.
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Mountain Pine is great. All the teachers love the students. You get to know everyone so well. You get hands on experience and also one on one time with teachers if you need too. Everyone has such great school spirit. And Devil Pride sure does run deep!
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