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Mountain Iron-Buhl School District Reviews

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Mountain Iron-Buhl is a great school if you are interested in being part of small community. Everyone knows each other, and the student body and faculty are all very friendly. But because we are such a small school, there aren’t as many opportunities as other schools may have to offer. There are no AP classes available, and clubs/extra curricular are limited. If your main concern is to be part of a small community, MIB is a great option, but if you are looking for a school that can take you far academic wise, there are probably better choices.
Mountain Iron-Buhl schools are 90% focused on sports and 10% focused on academics. In fact, Mountain Iron-Buhl lowered their GPA expectations for athletes because half of the teams couldn't achieve the lowly 2.0/4.0 (or however low it initially was). Sports aren't even treated fairly either. For example, the football and basketball teams are given a substantial amount of the budget whereas the baseball team only got enough to purchase one new baseball bat a year.
I loved my High school years. We had wonderful teachers that pushed us to always learn more and do better. I was very active in high school as member of Student Council, NHS, Football Captain, Science club, Knowledge bowl, and The Iron Range Youth in Action group. I made many great memories and miss it often.
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What I really like about the Mountain Iron - Buhl school is that it is a small community and you know everyone that's in it. Every class that's in the high school has abut thirty kids in it, which makes it easier to know everyone thats in the school. MI-B also has great teachers that will help you with any questions you have and be very supportive. They help you with both school and personal problems. That last reason I liked my time at MI-B waa the sports and academic programs. Our sports programs are really good and our fan section and fan support iservices exceptional. The academic programs are both challenging and easy to understand because of the how the teachers teach. This small community helps you talk to everyone and ask for help from anyone.
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