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I would like to see the layout of the schools change. I would like to see more funding go towards the environment to make it more modern, less prison-esque. Too much went towards technology that was rarely used, and now it goes towards technology that is not needed. I liked the offerings of dual credit and a.p. classes. I would like to see more in the future, but for a small town school, it was amazing the amount of opportunities given.
I like that the principal and all the higher up people that work at the school put in real effort into the students. They don't tolerate bullying and they do their best to make sure things are taken care of. I'd like to some changes such as the effort the teachers put into the students. I feel like they could do more.
I just moved here to Idaho and I love it. Mountain View is a really good school. I love that I can go and feel safe. My old school was wide open and was not safe one bit. Mountain View’s teacher are very nice and help me with almost everything. I have had a hard time trying to get used to the new math but I’m getting it. My teacher has helped me a lot.
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I like my experience at Mountain Home High school. It is fun for the most part. Sometimes there is a lot of homework and little time to do it and sometimes there are teachers that just don't care or expresses favoritism towards students who plays sports and treats the rest of the kids rudely and doesn't help them. I think getting teachers that actually care about the students would be a good start to getting students to actually want to go or be involved in class.
My experience in the schools in this district isn't the best. I'm not an honor roll student only because I don't like the teachers and how they teach. I know I'm a smart kid. I'm just stubborn. We are a D4 school which dropped our programs down with it. I'm drum major of the marching band. This school doesn't honor tradition and things of that nature. I love some of the students. Just not the adult staff.
Its terrible, I'm only giving it 3 stars because its basically my home, my only high school. We get no funding, the teachers are either the best or the complete worse, and most kids either drop out or go to Bennett High School. The band program gets no recognition, the kids are rotten or Mormon, and the food is cardboard. The security is terrible. Theres been shattered windows and vandalized cars and stolen objects. Even I, mind you, kicked a hole THROUGH the wall. That's how cheap it was. My only punishment was to sweep a gym (our cafeteria) for 5 days. Anyways, I feel like the vice principal is on drugs, mainly because I know who she got them from (a student, who she later expelled). Yep this town is ghetto.
I like that it’s a small school and you get more personal time with the teachers if you need it. The staff here is great, very friendly. I would like it if they would put some money towards updating the building and electronics
Overall I am relatively pleased with how well the school district has made me an adult. The teachers are great and the cultural diversity is outstanding. The safety and the school resources are lacking in a sense but in total, good school
I like the Mountain Home school District because it is a small community and we all come together in times of need. We all know how to work together and support each other to get through high school. The teachers and staff are wonderful here, and so is the community as a whole. If I could change something, it would be the growth of the district as a whole. Since we are a small town, the businesses here don't want competition, so we don't grow as a city, which make it to where nobody wants to move here, which results in poor outcome of athletes for sports.
At first after moving to Mountain Home I hated it. It was a small town and I didn't know anyone. Then I opened up to people and began to see how everybody literally knew everybody. By living in a small town I found that people had my back. Going off to college will be one of the hardest things I'll ever had t do. Not because I'll be leaving not my house, but my home. I'll be leaving my community which has grown to more of my family.
Well, Mountain Home isn't a bad school. Not really. It is the only high school I have ever attended, so I don't have much to compare it to. I wish that we had more funding so that we could have kept the french program and help out with the arts (music, drama and art) department.
In Mountain Home the teachers are very passionate about their students and the learning processes for the students. Safety among the school district is very important to the teachers and administration.
Mountain Home is a nice place and everybody knows each other so its a very close community. The school is old but we are planning to build a new one that is bigger and more up to date.
I'm so glad I was able to grow up and go to all the schools within this district. The faculty are so nice and they help you with any problem. By the end of the first week of school the teachers are like your best friend.
Close knit school. All basic academic class with college AP in English, Math and Science. Counselors trained to get everyone to graduate not necessarily college ready. In wrong sports conference so pretty tough as an athlete. Safety: no way school can contact all class rooms and portables in an emergency.
The schools in this district are in disrepair, and in need of drastic renovations. Within the past year, the middle school had a roof that was collapsed and replaced, as well as several other electrical and water problems in the other schools of the district.
However, the teachers at the high school are enjoyable, and know their subjects well. Despite the districts shortcomings, teachers do their best to educate and have enjoyable learning.
I have had nothing but good times at this school. All the teachers are friendly and fun. I would like to see the grounds to be kept cleaner but that is more the students fault.
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