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I loved that this school district helped special classes based on your learning styles. I've loved everyone of my teachers throughout the school years. Very great School!!!
Some of the teachers were excellent and helped a lot but some were not about the students. The coaches were always positive and trying to help.
Some of the bathrooms and classroom need updating. For the most part everyone has a positive attitude.
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I like the Mountain Home because it is a small town, but the School District is amazing. They care about education and try to make sure that every student is involved in extracurricular activities while maintaining a good grade. They make sure that students are centered around school instead of things that are not school-related. At the same time, they attempt to get students engaged with activities that are not school-related.
I've had communication problems in the past along with teacher problems. But after talking it out we have seemed to come to compromises. They bring many things to the table Academic and sports wise. The scheduling is a blocked scheduling with classes every other day. MHHS also has academy's personalized for your learning experience.
This high school is based on learning according to your learning style. You were given a test in junior high to find out the way you learned best. There are three academies to choose from: CAB- Creative Arts and Business, for the auditory learners(the talkers), HHS- Health and Human Services, for the visual learners(the notetakers), and ACME- Agriculture, Construction, Mechanics, and Engineering, (for the hands-on workers). Mountain Home Schools truly cares about their students and does everything they can to help students prepare for life after high school. The teachers are amazing and so eager to teach their students. The extracurriculars that are offered go above and beyond to try to reach out to all different interests among the student body.
Mountain home high school has a very well thought out planning game. The acadameys that you pick is based on how you learn. I am an ACME student with is based on hands on learning. People think we are all about farming, but we are not we do not normally learn from computers we have to get a visual presentation that shows us what we are supposed to do. CAB is all about the art and business. People who like to draw, sing, be in band, or even mess around on a computer. HHS is more in the medical field.
Mountain Home School District is an outstanding school district in a great community. Their moto is "Every student every time" which they really follow through with. They try to find ways to get each student involved. The staff is usually always willing to help students receive extra help academically if needed.
This school is full of judgmental, unhelpful, and bias teachers, administrators, and students. This is by far the worst school I have ever attended.
I liked Mountain Home School District for a lot of reasons. I love the environment and teachers that are there that are willing to spend their own free time to help. I also love that we have a lot of resources that can help us to get ready for college or if we have any questions we have the right people to ask. I also love how safe it is also and I feel safe when I go to school.
In my time attending Mountain Home School Disrict, I have found it to be of great service to my academic needs. Though, it has not been of good help to it's students emotional and psychological needs. I believe this can be easily improved though, administration seems unfazed by this circumstance. That is not to say that it is a poor district, I merely believe there is room for improvement in some areas.
I love the staff and environment at Mountain Home High School. They are very nice and truly care about their students.
It was a good school for what it tries to do. Mountain Home tries to prepare it's students for college. In certain was that the classes are do really does help prepare students for college but it also rewards students who have access to the internet more then students without internet access.
The teachers are very involved in the students life, they want you to do well and they do everything possible to help you be the best you can be.
Clubs and the art programs are decent but half the teachers here don't bother to really teach us and just give out notes and worksheets. The food has gotten better over the years but it's still kinda awful.
I really liked that mountain home highschool is a career academy focusing on what kind of career you want.
I worked in this district, and I loved the efforts to educate the whole child. It’s amazing to see how the high school students get to intern in the community. That’s real-world learning that will stick with them as they go forward.

I also appreciated the district’s efforts to keep parents and community members in the loop. Great communication!
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Mountain Home in general is kind of behind time a bit in terms of facilities and resources, though it is improving with our newer administration. And more attention, at least money wise, is put on teams that may not have the communities support, like the football team. But in all fairness, The education is great. I know it's considered one of the best in the state, and the teachers are there for everybody. I also feel like we are extremely patriotic, with our huge veteran community and our NJROTC program, which I'm involved in. There isn't the cliché jocks are bullies and stupid, they're actually some of the smartest in the school. And it feels like everyone is there for each other, like we're this tight knit group.
I loved the robotics team and EAST program! This rating would be a 5 star except when I applied for early graduation after I had missed the deadline since I was a new student my junior/senior year they tried to turn me down saying I had no good reason (pregnancy, poor parents, etc) to graduate early. I am a hardworking excelling student who struggled socially in high school. I had to threaten to go to the board of directors/ superintendent before they let me do early graduation, which is nonsense seeing as I graduated with honors and a GPA of 3.8 meaning I was a Magna Cum Laude graduate. Oh and shutout to MRS.WEGERER she taught me so much in math in such a short amount of time and she is the only reason i'm excelling in my college math courses.
In my years being part of the Mountain Home School District, I personally was able to flourish. Academically I was able to thrive, due to the spectacular teachers available. I would say a downfall of the school is that some students fall behind and no one necessarily takes the time to bring them back to speed. Essentially, if you want to do well, you have to be in charge and on top of your education.
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