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Overall I have benefitted from the great teachers and recourses available to me throughout the Mountain Brook Educational System.
A wonderful school. The teachers are committed to their students and always looking for ways to go the extra mile. Students are inclusive and driven for their goals.
Through my tenure at Mountain Brook, I have felt very prepared for my life in the future. The schoolwork, although sometimes strenuous, has improved my academic abilities heavily, as proven through my ACT scores and GPA. I feel that I am prepared for all things that may come my way, and will surely thank my parents for enrolling me in one of the best schools in the state.
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Mountain Brook schools are, in my opinion, the best you'll ever find. There is absolutely no bullying, there are welcoming teachers that are easy to talk to. There are great people there that will happily take anyone into their community. Anyone would be able to fit right in. It is the perfect school for anyone.
Mountain Brook has excellent programs for both gifted/advanced and average students that start in the elementary schools. Most of the teachers are experienced(at least 3 years teaching at another school) and all are well qualified. I never had a bad teacher, although the teachers who teach Advanced or AP classes were usually better. The teachers and faculty truly care about each student and want them to learn in a safe environment. At the high school, there are gates at each entrance with a security guard controlling them. There are tons of clubs, activities, and sports to get involved in, as well as outside opportunities that many schools don't offer. There is a lot of space in all of the schools for socializing, studying, eating, and collaborating. The biggest problem is the diversity(it is a majority White school with small percentages of Asian, Hispanic, etc. students and about 1% African American students.)
This is the best school system in Alabama. The collaboration between admins, teachers and parents make for a successful student. Their curriculum, because it is stringent, ensures your child is head and shoulders above others. In addition, it prepares your child for the ACT/ SAT tests which in turn, helps them to secure a higher score.
Mountain Brook has been amazing for our daughter who is now in 11th grade and has every option for the future including Ivy League Choices. The teachers care greatly for each and every child and meet the children at whatever level they are at and help each of them grow as lifelong learners.
Everyone involved in my education and social activities have helped me experience a very fulfilling educational experience
Mountain Brook is overall a very good school to attend. All of the schools are clean and well maintained with pleasant administrators, teachers, and other employees. It is located in a very safe area and it is a comfortable place to go to school. I did not rate Mountain Brook Schools 5 stars because, although it is a good place to attend school there is a lot of unnecessary pressure put on students to succeed.
Mountain Brook schools are by far the best. Even though parents are very involved, the facilities are great, it's the teachers that set Mountain Brook apart from everyone else. These teachers expect the best from us. They care how we are learning. I remember my first day of 10th grade year. The counselors met us at the front door and said "welcome to college". The school gives the students a large frame of freedom. At first I really questioned this approach but now I realize this freedom allows us to make more of our own decisions.
The Mountain Brook City Schools system is an oasis of pure education: students are taught to strive for the best of the best, to be the best of the best, to reach the best of the best. Of course, this creates a highly competitive environment, however the students leave the school each day knowing they've learned from a team of teachers that really, truly care what happens to their students. Whether a student is a part of the wonderful elementary schools, expansive junior high school, or upbeat high school, him or her is receiving a fantastic education that will linger with the student forever.
Mountain Brook is great because it offers a wide variety of classes. There are so many fine arts, sports, and business related activities and classes that it is impossible to find a student that doesn't fit in somewhere. Mountain Brook does a wonderful job of providing challenging classes with helpful and supportive teachers. Some of the teachers I have had in the Mountain Brook School System have shaped me as the person that I am today, and I am eternally grateful for that. Another great thing about Mountain Brook is the amount of clubs. There are a lot of clubs that help students to express themselves and make friends. There are very few things I can criticize about Mountain Brook. I think the one negative thing is the lack of diversity. We are a predominantly white school, and, even though the diversity has grown over the past few years, I still do not think we are diverse enough.
Mountain Brook City Schools is one of the best school systems you will ever come across. The standards are set very high so that every student can succeed. Every teacher and administrative staff is always encouraging and thrives to see their students do well.
Mountain Brook is a wonderful place to grow up and raise a family. The community is extremely united, the people of the area are very driven and successful, and the school system prepares the students unlike any other school in the Southeast.
Most of the teachers are very straight-forward, good teachers. Although, many people do complain about the amount of workload, they are still good teachers in the classroom usually.
Mountain Brook is a great school system, but I think the public school system as a whole is flawed. The problem with Mountain Brook is that the school system is very competitive, so the pressure to succeed becomes very overwhelming. I think that the academics sometimes are unnecessarily difficult, and the workload is often unmanageable. I think that the public school system has to be reformed before any substantial change can be made to improve the academics of most school systems in America. However, I will say that my experience at Mountain Brook during my elementary school years were filled with some of the sweetest, most caring teachers I have ever met.
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