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Mount Zion Community Unit School District No. 3 Reviews

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The Mount Zion school district is a great place to be when wanting to get the most out of learning. If you play sports, this school is also a great place for sports.
Mt. Zion has a very good school district. It's only problems could be that there is little diversity among the students and they are somewhat lacking in clubs.
As a student in the Mt. Zion School District since Kindergarten I have enjoyed my time at Mt. Zion for the most part but I would like to see some things change. The atmosphere is fairly good and our sports are really good. The worst part about Mt. Zion is the food. The cookies are good and some of the ala carte items but the hot food is lacking.
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I moved to Mount Zion in 2014 and the change was super different from my old school. Academics were a little harder, but most of the teachers were great.
The schools are setting students up for success and nothing less. I know that the first year of college was a breeze for a lot of freshman that I know. Along with that, this school is all about security and making sure all of the students feel and are safe.
I like the academic excellence that Mt. Zion demands. It is one of the most academically competitive schools in central Illinois. There is no doubt that the students at Mt. Zion will be ready for college. The wide arrange of classes insure that every student will be able to pursue the path that they want. And if a student doesn't know what they want to pursue, Mt. Zion provides above adequate classes for every general area of academics. Above all else, Mt. Zion’s teachers do an outstanding job of preparing students for life beyond high school. The school also sets a new standard for school safety.
Fairly good school district, but I wished we had a few more AP classes. Teachers do a decent job trying to help students succeed most of the time. It’s certainly not perfect, but many things are at the minimum adequate. Many students have excelled at this school, meaning learning is important. It is also not difficult to balance activities at this school with many people willing to help.
I have been attending Mount Zion schools since I was in Kindergarten. I have made some amazing friends when attending this school. All of the teachers are welcoming and always have our best interests at heart. I have grown though challenging myself and will continue to grow because of my peers and teachers that have pushed me to constantly better myself.
Mt. Zion High School academically pushes students, which is amazing, but sometimes it feels like the focus is too much on what classes you take vs. performance in those classes. Also diversity is poor, and the food could be better.
Throughout the 13 years I have been in the Mt. Zion School District I have not had many things to complain about. The teachers and staff here at Mt. Zion are the best. They are always there to help you when you have a question and they are always understanding. While I have been in Mt. Zion I have created friendships that I hope will last a lifetime! Some of the things I would change about Mt. Zion High School is that I would allow students to have a longer lunch period. I always feel rushed when I am trying to eat my lunch. Overall though, I would not ask to change very many things about the Mount Zion Community School District.
I enjoyed how everybody in the community supported each other. No matter the age everybody went out of their way to help the other out. Even if it was just school activities people would go out and show their support for the activity. The teachers at Mt. Zion are also incredible. They help out in any way the can and also support their students during everything.
Great community with great teachers and faculty! A great place to learn! It isn’t the most diverse place however.
Mt. Zion was/is a great place to get an education and also provides many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. They are always pushing you to learn and grow in all areas of your life
I'd like to see improvements in the counseling departments. It's a decent school but there aren't as many opportunities for advanced placement classes as larger high schools in Illinois.
Mt. Zion High School offered me a great education and gave me a great place to learn. The teachers were excellent and gave me the best understanding of the subject I was learning.
Great Teachers, Great Classes, lots of activities and sports to do, offer after school studying and tutoring classes. safe environment for students, lets the students express themselves.
Mount Zion High School is a great school to go to around the area. The teachers and staff are very respectful and the facilities at the school are nice. I have had a great experience with the Mount Zion School District. The staff really care about each student's education. I like that everyone cares to see each individual succeed in everything they do such as school work, sports, etc. I would change the issues that go on in the school. Some people think that the more money you have, the more superior you are. I would make sure that no one is "below" people because of money. Overall, Mount Zion School District has a very respectful staff and cares for each student's education.
Mt. Zion has a excellent curriculum. This school has help me become the person I am today. The teachers were always helpful if I fell behind or had a problem.
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It's easy to be proud of this school district. While it's not perfect, this is a great place to get an education. The classes are complex, but easy to get into. This district does a good job at preparing students for college. One improvement would be to have more time spent for college prep.
Great schools in a great community. Schools are close together and the high school is a great place to get an education. The community is so close and everyone knows everyone.
I started to go to Mount Zion in 2013 and I was immediately welcomed. Everyone there made me feel like I belonged. Also the teachers are very welcoming too. The were always there when I needed help and they would even stay after school. Mount Zion is home to me and I am very grateful that I got to spend five years at the school.
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