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Mt. Vernon is one of the best schools “in everything” (Dr. Greg Batenhorst, superintendent). This school excels in education, the fine arts, and athletics. Besides that all the students are trusted by the staff and held at a higher standard. Substitute teachers always leave notes on the “niceness” and “manners” of the students. This school feels like school, and though it is small, keeps up with the larger schools. All parents are willing to do anything for our district and are pouring out their pockets in support. Our facilities have been remodeled and are state of the art and compliant with the ADA. Our lunch options and staff are phenomenal! We have 5 lines, regular lunch, subway line, grab and good, pizza, and al la carte.
We have been a part of the Mount Vernon School district parent partnership program for 12 years now. My children feel like they're at home there, love the teachers and other families that attend. Two of my children have gone on to attend our local community college as running start students and have been well prepared and supported in this next step in their education. Our school is called Skagit Academy, and located in Mount Vernon, Washington.
This past year was our first year back in public school from a homeschool co-op. It was a little different and bumpy, especially at first. Overall, the staff was very welcoming. There were a few bullies in the student body, however. I also wish that advanced academics were a bit more of a focus. I do love that fact that we were offered, and were able to go on the Eastern Seaboard trip to BOS, NYC, PHI, and DC. Overall, I would say that our experience so far has been a positive one.
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Mount Vernon is a nice school to go to. There is a lot of diversity in this school. All the teachers are very nice and helpful. There are many clubs like, national honor society, social justice, leap and many more. Also, there are many sports in this school like football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, wrestling and so much more. There are many activities in this school like dances. Also, everyone in this school care about each other. One day a kid lost his phone in one of his classes and so the whole school started donating.
I liked the academic opportunities and options that the school has provided. However I wish the school district could/would listen to the staff and students on what our needs and wants are.
My experience was well taught. I learned so much. and made the fondest memories that will carry with me forever. What I liked about Mount Vernon School District, was that I had a great education, and amazing teachers. what I would change is more college interaction in all my years of school. I only really knew about college stuff my junior and senior year. 2 years out of 12 years isn't a good percentage.
As an incoming senior, I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in fun and diverse courses and extracurricular activities. It is possible to both be heavily involved on a sports team while competing with the robotics club. My main complaint is the facilities, in my three years here so far we have added more portable classrooms to the school and added to the 15 we already had. I have found the courses to be interesting, from offerings of ap science classes to the cte classes teaching welding and crop science. Mount Vernon’s music program is also important and impressive, both band and choir are award winning programs despite the lack of funding in comparison to our football team. Overall I would say that mount Vernon is decent but nothing special.
There were many things that I disliked about Mount Vernon High School. That being said, I did feel like most of what I was given was easy and practical to complete and the coursework did prepare me slightly for what I have experienced in college. For me college life and classes are better and I feel like I’m learning more then I ever have before but I think that’s how it’s supposed to work. Highschool isn’t perfect, at least it wasn’t for me. But I survived and did well in all my classes. And well, the bottom line is, without Mount Vernon high school I wouldn’t be where I am today so for that I am grateful.
Awesome staff encouragement and engagement. The atmosphere is very accepting and there is lots of diversity throughout the school. We have great teachers who really take an interest in your academic ability and get to know their students so they can help in the best way possible.
Mount Vernon school district provides opportunities for kids of all backgrounds, and all walks of life. In Mount Vernon you will find an extreme amount of diversity everywhere you look- whether that be the people, the wide variety of classes such as floral design or astronomy in a real planetarium, or the extra curricular activities. Mount Vernon school district does a good job at preparing kids for college through the college bound and avid programs.
My experience at Mount Vernon High School was great. Better than my old high school I attended. The environment at MVHS was all inclusive to everyone, no matter race, religion, sexual orientation, etc,. In addition, to all the fun experiences like school dances, pep rallies, assemblies, classes and instructors. Not to mention if you were struggling in life, wether it was home problems, school stress, friend dilemma, there was always a staff member to go to and get great advice from, which made coming to school not feel like you were going to school. It was a second home for most people, and even a first home to some students. Including school sports, every team was a unit and everyone was supportive and willing to push harder for one another, on and off the field. So I would say Mount Vernon High School was an amazing experience for me academically and socially.
Mount Vernon has been a great place to grow up. I have had a relatively good experience in all three schools that I have been enrolled in (Centennial Elementary, Mount Baker Middle School, and Mount Vernon High School). The majority of all students are kind and caring people, and nearly every single teacher genuinely cares about the well being of all of their students. There are some "bad apples", you could say, but the good outways the bad here in Mount Vernon. Our community is quite resilient, and we are tightly knit together, especially in our schools as students.
The thing that I love most about this school is that they have a lot of opportunities for classes and clubs. They gave you a great chance to learn so many new things during the four years of going there.
Mount vernon its been so lucky to have schools where taken care of his students, people who works there! His district its a big. Union carees of each one hobits on it!
My experience on mount vernon district school its been amazing. I am a senior on Mount Vernon high school. I came from mexico , when i came from mexico to this district like 2 years ago ! Mount Vernon high was so helpful because they accepted me no matter if I asked english or not , they still give me the opportunity to keep going on school! :) and my English its been improved alot ! And now i am almost to graduate from this high school with really goods grades , and hoping go to college!
Mount Vernon is an amazing school district. The teachers are nice and work with you if you need help, people are friendly, there are after-school activities which are fun and engaging. The sports teams aren't stellar, but the debate team and robotics club certainly are. You can take challenging courses if you want, too. Overall, (as long as you don't mind a losing football team) a wonderful place.
I've been in the Mount Vernon School District since I started kindergarten. I have watched the school district grow and develop as I have; going to middle school there were more options for education, music and mechanical classes were more available, as were higher education classes for students that were excelling in academics. In high school, we had an amazing amount of resources and facilities to use, including a planetarium. Now, I'm a freshman in college at Skagit Valley Community College. There is so much diversity and opportunities at the college. I'm proud to be a student of our school district.
In Mount Vernon the district does a well job at providing opportunities to the youth allowing us to have options from early job readiness to sports acts youth groups
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I liked the inclusive atmosphere of the school district, particularly the High School. There was always a sense of belonging among the students, regardless of the different backgrounds they came from.
I attended this school all four years of my highschool experience. I felt as though it was a safe environment for me to be myself and not feel threatened. There was little to no bullying and kindness was shown all around campus. I was challenged by all my teachers academically and personally. The staff did everything in their power to help me reach my goals as a student and have me advise that was genuine and helpful. As a student athlete and a member of the concert choir, my coaches and choir director were flexible and understanding and allowed me to do as much as I could if everything I was involved with. Overall my experience was great and I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else.
We have a great school district. The best part is the way the Superintendent, Board members, district staff, teachers, parents, and community members work together to achieve goals. Transparency and team work make for great relationships.
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