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The teachers are nice but they don’t teach us anything that would help us later in life. They have very few life skill classes and a lot of classes that are not beneficial for us going into college.
The only reason I survived my last year and a half in the high school is because of a small handful of teachers and faculty, a few of which are no longer employed at MVISD, due to their feeling of a need to move along to other places. This school provides little to no real education and I worry for the future of the United States because of the kinds of people they allow to graduate with the incredibly limited and/or incorrect information they have.
Nice school with a great environment. Majority of the teachers are very involved with the students and help us achieve the best grades possible. The students are very supportive of the sports and encouraging. It is a great experience to be enrolled in this high school.
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I really enjoy each and every teacher I have had, because each one pushes you to do what they know their students can do! I don’t have anything that I would want to change at Mount Vernon!
My experience at Mount Vernon high school so far has been amazing. I really love going to school here.
We have a nice school....Great athletics, band, and UIL. Basketball teams made it to State this year! The girls won and the boys came in second. The teachers and coaches care about the students. School Spirit is a big deal.
My experience at MVISD has been very positive to this point. I have made some good friends and memories. I am concerned about school security due to recent school incidents. Otherwise I am satisfied.
The faculty and staff at MVISD (with a few exceptions) do not care at all about the advancement, enrichment, or socialization of special needs children. When I nominated a special needs girl for homecoming the High School principle said these words, "The homecoming court is supposed to be athletic, intelligent, school spirited individuals who represent the school well. Do you think she's even going to know what's going on?"
There is an unbelievable amount of school funds wasted on athletics (a new gym, new uniforms yearly, new turf on the field, etc.), meanwhile the band members had been wearing the same uniforms for 7 years.
The school had great test scores, but the reason for that is because all the teachers do is prepare children all year long for the test so that the school doesn't perform badly and they lose their job as a consequence. I can count on one hand how many teachers truly taught and engaged with my class in the 11 years I was there.
I graduated from Mt. Vernon High School in 1995. We were a close knit school. I basically knew everyone in the school. Our teachers were available and knowledgeable.
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