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Mount Vernon City School District Reviews

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Mount Vernon provides a lot of opportunity that nearby school districts don’t, but that being said they should be more open to taking new students for open enrollment and those who want to take certain classes.
it an amazing place if you really want to get to know lots of different people , the sports is so fun and everyone really knows how to get in the spirit
Our school district faces a lot of problems currently. The biggest thing is that we do not have enough teachers that care. I have seen so many teachers with my own eyes just give up on their students. I've heard "this wasn't what I was supposed to do with my life" more times than I can count. Because of so many staff members giving up, it causes the students to give up as well. There are so many students that have amazing potential but they don't apply themselves because they don't see the point. So many of our students are depressed and hate even stepping foot into our schools. That is not okay and there should be more done to protect and preserve our student's minds. I have been taught from the beginning that unless I am in a sport, no one will care about me. Education is less valued than athletics which really puts the wrong message out there to our students. There's some people that care, but not enough and that really needs to change.
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When I attended the school really cared about football and basket ball players but didn't put the same kind of attention into the music departments. The music wing was out of date and unheated. Equipment was outdated or unavailable. The teachers clearly favored the athletics students and students with influential parents over the others.
It's overall a good school with many advanced academic options for students. The teachers tend to be good, with a few exceptions, and the student body has tremendous school spirit.
The teachers and faculty were excellent. I learned a lot and in troubling times the faculty was able to provide accommodations accordingly. If I had to go back and do it again, I would be happy to do so.
Too much focus on sports, not enough focus on academics. There are a couple of really good teachers.
Mount Vernon High School has something to offer for everyone from FFA to National Honors Society to Robotics. My only complaint with the school is the building itself. It was built in 1969 and is now outdated and beginning to become rundown. From the outside, it looks like a prison because of the lack of windows. On the inside, I would estimate that 50% of the classrooms do not have a single window. Also, the ceiling leaks in several places when it rains and the large majority of the bathroom doors do not shut and lock properly. That being said, I would gladly send my future children to Mount Vernon High School. The teachers, students, and office staff all make you feel at home and the HIVE, won the Golden Megaphone award for best student section in Ohio. Overall, I am very happy with my high school experience
Mount Vernon City School District is a wonderful district filled with so many opportunities. The staff always made sure everyone was equipped with the knowledge that they needed to help them progress. The teachers are exceptional, especially when it came to school work. They were always available and willing to lend a helping hand. The community that surrounds the school district is unbelievably supportive and very involved.
I have always had a good experience with my schools. My teachers have always been there for me and have always done everything in their power to help me succeed. The opportunities here are few, but they are not half bad. The local colleges do a good job of being available for everyone to use no matter what the family income is. I think that this town is growing and so will the school district. Generations below me will be blessed with what is to come. I am not saying that my experience was horrible because quite frankly I wouldn't change a thing.
Mount Vernon High School is one of the older schools in the district in definite need of repair or remodel given the thousands of rowdy high schools that parse through its halls over the years. They do their best to provide for the kids, but some of their decisions fall flat and aren't welcomed by the students. For instance, the decision to provide Chromebooks and subsequent restrictions including a recent decision for the device to fully log out if closed.
My experience at the Mount Vernon High school was a very eventful one where i have met most of my friends at, the school is a welcoming place for all.
Most teachers were nice and gave a reasonable amount of homework while others were unfriendly and gave an excessive amount of homework. The school system was inefficient and lacked in communication.
The teachers in this district are wonderful and are always eager to help students. They are committed to teaching and do a great job of it. This goes for the entire staff, from the janitors to the guidance counselors. Ours is a small town, so our schools have that close-knit community feel; everyone is very friendly. I would like to see communication improved between the schools and the students, but overall I believe it is decent and I know that the administration is constantly striving to ameliorate this area. In total, the Mount Vernon City School District is a pleasant place of learning that gets better every day.
I go to Mount Vernon Nazarene University and it is wonderful. However, I have done field experiences at a few schools in Mount Vernon because I am an education major and what I have noticed is that the schools don't have a lot of resources to teach because they're so poor. Overall, I would say they have minimal resources.
Mount Vernon City Schools is full of amazing staff ad teachers who all take the time to make each student feel cared for. They are truly amazing people who take pride in teaching and always try to make it fun for the students. They even make sure they are teaching in ways for all of the learning types to understand.
I went to Mount Vernon up until 8th grade year. The students were very crude. I was bullied a lot and the teachers would see it but would not do anything about it. My 7th grade year, I struggled in classes and I had no help in those classes because the teachers did not want too.
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The counselors at this school are the best, They are immensely kind and if you put forth the effort they will go out of their way to help you and make sure you succeed.
For being a student for the last 12 years in the district, I rate them 3/5 stars, some teachers love to teach especially in elementary and middle school but it feels like high school teachers would rather give students busy instead of teaching. Other than that, students are very close, and have a lot of school spirit.
It is a good school in some aspects. The teachers are hard working and know their subjects very well. Some students are friendly and some could be more friendly.
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