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Mount Vernon City School District Reviews

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I am actually a student that goes to a new formed Performing Arts School in MountVernon so I know a lot about the district. They are very supporting, actually my school was given money to build our school into what it is today they support us through tough times no matter what
My experience here was a good one. It was not perfect, but it helped to give me a good education and keep my mind open.
I would like to see the district to show people that Mount Vernon isn't only good for their sports. They're a lot of intelligent students in Mount Vernon but their are way more sporting events and support going toward sports teams than the students that always have good grades, mentor others, always on the honor roll, and go on to do great things not only for themselves but also their city.
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Honestly I entered Mount Vernon High school expecting it to be much worse than it was. People painted a picture of a dangerous place in my head and I believed it to be so until I arrived. Most of the teachers and administrators are focused and set on helping student not only graduate, but get accepted and attend college. Additionally the Mount Vernon basketball program changed my life, being around that amazing coaching staff let but Coach Bob Cimmino, gave me a new focus and drive. The connections I made through sports also helped me get accepted into my top choice,Morehouse College. Overall like any school it has its bumps and bruises but I am forever grateful for the experiences I've had here and If I had the chance to go back and change something, I'd do it all the same way.
MVCSD has always put their students as their top priority. Our athletics programs are some of the best in the state of New York even though we do not have all the advantages as other schools
I would not purchase a dog or cat from them, but I would go to the pound to rescue one. Been trading with PetSmart for over 15 years. Never had a problem. Also get dog bathed there. They do a very nice job. You need to watch your groomer and decide which one would be best for you and your dog. Then they build a relationship and things go well.
Mount Vernon I feel doesn't prepare the average student for the future. There may be a select few who make it out through scholarships and high academic achievement but the majority remains unaffected and must take it upon themselves to make it somewhere.
I loved my experience in Mount Vernon public schools, but unfortunately, I fear that the standards for teachers has decreased significantly in the past 7 years. They need to get students and parents more involved in the school culture, and leave little room for students to fall through the cracks due to a lack of parent-teacher communication and parent involvement.
thornton high school needs more like Mount Vernon high school. this school lacks activities that kids are interested in and it lacks color and creativity. a performing art school is now in the building and that's basically the main focus now so in went from bad to worse and I'm sure many other students would agree.
The children should have more say in stuff . Like my school Thornton I feel as if we don’t get enough say as seniors. We were bombarded with the performing arts kids I get it Thornton is the building for it but what about us ? I feel like we should have some Seniority . Some gym classes we can’t even play a full gym because the kids are to little to interact with us. I get it trust me I do but I feel we should have a louder voice .
The securities don't do their job right they pick favorites. There's always a fight and the bathroom is always close which is bad many people can catch bladder problems.
The teachers that I have encountered in this district truly care about the education of their students as well as students who they haven’t even taught themselves. I’d appreciate if the school had better resources and security guards who took their jobs seriously. Overall the district is good but there’s always room for improvement.
I attended Mount Vernon High School for the end of my junior year and the start of my senior year and it was hands down the best time of my high school life, my teachers were always extremely helpful and enthusiastic about teaching, I made lifelong friends, participated in sports’ and was apart of the STRONG program sadly I moved to a different school. With all that aside Mount Vernon High School needs an overall upgrade, the schools apperance inside is very dreary and way more clubs should be available to students.
I love my school and district, no matter what others tend to say. They strive to help every child succeed and have made lots of changes to help the kids br comfortable. For example, they changed all water fountains to filtered automatic water fountains, for cleaner water for the students amd staff. They also provide free breakfast and lunch for all students. Those are just a few upgrades that the Mount Vernon City School District have done.
could use some cleaning up. the schools are dirty and the kids don't know how to act. the teachers are OK.
Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place. Mount Vernon is a great place.
I've spent my entire school years in this district. The district is putting their foot forward to start a very effective district but I feel they have a bit of a way to go. Majority of teachers are really good, but there are a few that take these teaching years as another regular job and do not have effective teaching skills. My current senior year seems to be very chaotic with the different changes for the schools in the districts.
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I do like this school district because it has provided me with a really good education. I’ve lived here all my life and I do enjoy going to school and learning about different subjects, especially being in advanced placement classes.
My overall experience with Mount Vernon City School District has been a whirl wind of a ride. Has had its fair share of laughs and tears. Good times when everyone is communicating and having fun, bad times when terrible tragedies happen. One thing they could improve on is the fighting and try to cut back on the amount of deaths and violence.
I like how they prepare us for college by bringing in guest speakers and taking timeout to talk about college.
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