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I love that Mount Union Area School district has teachers that are willing to help you along with preparing for college. I am a senior this year and I have had several past students who have went to college say that our teachers of our college courses truly, make sure you are prepared for college. Since I was in 9th grade I have always had teachers pushing me to do my best and not slack on school work. This is extremely helpful, during senior year when you are at your least motivated. Our counselors and advisers are also very helpful with making sure you are on track with your grades and preparing for college.
My advice if you would decide to move to this school is to get involved. There's most likely something for everyone!
More support for all sports. Maybe the rules for the phones and how we are allowed to use it again during classes. Maybe they should change the lunches and make it a little bit better than what it is. Another thing is I believe they should do more things for black history month it can be activities or have people come in speak.
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I would describe my experience at Mount Union as being nearly satisfactory. As a student who is primarily interested in English, I consider the state of Mount Union's English department is abysmal, there being only one or two English classes offered, and one of them compulsory. The teachers seem to be held at a very low standard, because some of them would be fired otherwise. The organizations are limited and of low quality with very little variation. Although it seems the school is attempting to connect with the students, there are few resources for mental health or personal problems. The food is somehow both undercooked and burnt, and often drenched in some mysterious liquid, usually some variation of grease. The only pros of Mount Union lie solely with the students, who although miserable, are so apathetic to their surroundings that bullying is rare and any newcomers can expect a warm welcome and ready group of friends.
I have been in the Mount Union Area School District for all of my life. My siblings have attended there, my mother and many relatives, coworkers and friends have attended there as well. Mount Union is a smaller school, but it is filled with many academic students who stand out from the rest. Mount Union School District has taught me to be the best me that I can be and to reach past the stars for the dreams and goals I have set for myself. It is a great school with an awesome staff!
Its a good school for a small town. I would like to have more funds for the school in order for updated textbooks, computers, supplies, and activity funds. Safety has never really been an issue. Many of the teachers are very dedicated to teaching the students but many of them need to have a better understanding of children with mental disabilities and their IEP requests and that they might have to take a little more time for explication. The food is always very good but there were times students found unexceptible food conditions which need to be addressed probably.
Mount Union has some very dedicated teachers, but there is a large amount of violence and not all of the teachers care.
I love the area that the University of Mount Union is located and how much the university associates themselves with the community in so many ways.
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