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Mount Pleasant Independent School District Reviews

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Mount pleasant high school is a very disorganized school. The faculty cannot set rules that satisfy the students which causes more trouble within the school. The food causes students to become sick. Organizations seem to be limited. Also the teachers only focus on one student or "the best" student which causes other students to become discouraged.
The teachers are all amazing! As well as preparing me for college and offering scholarships so I can afford to attend college.
I like that it has different options for college readiness and the school is diverse. Some teachers although are not capable of teaching slow learners and I feel like that should be improved. Still, I feel that the school district accepts many people with diverse backgrounds and helps them succeed.
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I have been going to Mount Pleasant for 4 years now and something that really still bothers me is how they do not care much about seniors. They do get us ready for college by having a class that teaches us how to apply for scholarships and teaching us how to set up our FASFA but pretty much they only have one night that is dedicated to seniors called Senior Night (creative I know). As for the clubs at Mount Pleasant High School there is practically none. I am in HOSA but not once have I done anything in there yet because the don't have anything going on. I had to stop being in student council because I couldn't afford the $30 shirt just to do nothing the entire year because they don't have organization in the club.
Mount Pleasant isnt a amazing school but it's also not a horrible school. I personal love my teachers and friends but the school isnt perfect. We've had issues on fighting before which lead to shorter lunches. We have some very smart and great students at the school. There is also as big of a number of students who aren't dedicated to academics. I'm a member of FFA and I absolutely love it. I was also a tennis Varsity player but the coach made me quite. She always told the story of how she was just passing through town and they just gave her a job. They basically give jobs to any desperate soul looking for a job.
My school cares a lot about academics incouraging us by letting us have college level clases. Not to mention supporting all sports and extra curriculars. We have great school spirit and pride for are school which is shown by the way we represent or school with everything we do.
I like most of the scenery, other than that it's very basic. To ride the bus it usually takes almost an hour to get on or get home. if you play tennis the tennis courts are all the way at the jr. high. Plus the food is the same every day however sometimes they switch the food up.
I absolutely loved Mt. Pleasant and would definitely recommend that school to anyone in the area. I went to Mt Pleasant all 13 years of school and would trade it for nothing. The teachers thoroughly prepared me for my freshman year in college. After this first year of college, I came out with a 4.0, and I cant thank Mt. Pleasant enough for preparing me for it. I attended EC Brice Elementary, then moved on to PE Wallace Middle School, Mt Pleasant Jr High, and MPHS. Each school prepared me for the next. My parents both happen to be teachers of Mt Pleasant, and are very devoted to their schools and their students. Teachers are very supportive of their students and always push them to be their bests in everything that they do.
What I like about Mount Pleasant Independent High School District its the outdoor feeling environment and the clean atmosphere. This school is magnificent to bring your child, because they have excellent staff members and teachers.
I like the fact that our principal is wanting us to succeed. the teachers are amazing . you can make friends very easy. You will get helped in our school.
Great school, I learned a lot throughout the last 4 year! The campus is nice and the student teacher interaction is good if one goes and tries to find them.
It's an alright school overall. The campus needs to be upgraded a bit since it is an old school. The faculty is nice and some teachers are really great.
Mount Pleasant High School is an excellent school filled with so many opportunities for young students. It as various activities to be involved with. Academic and campus life is great!
There are a variety of clubs and organizations to get involved in. The clinical experience in an actual hospital is amazing. We do need someone to help us get information on filling out college applications and scholarships.
To me Mount Pleasant Highschool was amazing. I loved soccer. I wish they just help the soccer program more because it is low on money. The dual credit classes are amazing in this school.
Mount Pleasant High school was a great experience, I had help from most of my teachers, having them teach me slowly when I needed help. I came to Mount Plesant when I was in 12 years old, with the support of the school I was able to graduate with the help of all my tachers. There were many sports and extra curriculum that student was able to join. Students that joined FBLA, Hosa and UIL would get to trips to Houston, Austin and many other places for competitions.
The school is very academic and contains some very competitive students. the faculty are always ready to help the students succeed. The upper-level courses are challenging as they ought to be. The student council is excellent and the student organizations are growing. The food is average, however they do allow the students to have a voice by involving them in student surveys for new menus and foods for the cafeteria.
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MPHS is one of the best high schools in the area. We have a numerous amount of clubs and organizations. Our class president is very involved in the community. The student life here is great. Our teachers, staff, and principles try their best to keep everyone safe, no matter the cost.
I love mount pleasant high school because all our teachers care for us and they make sure were doing good. They prepare the seniors as much as they can so when we get out of high school well be ready and we will start being adults one thing i would like for it to change is the food. The breakfast is good but the lunch is not so good and it tasted so nasty and that one thing i don't like about it but i love the teachers i love the staff and everyone who works here. Everyone's so friendly and its a good school overall
My experience at Mount Pleasant High School has been pretty bad. Although state says that the academics are good, they're not. Our scores might be but the teachers and staff are way to worried about how the school looks to the state, rather then being worried about our education.
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