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Mount Pleasant Community School District Reviews

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Mt.Pleasant Community School District is a great place to work and go to school. The teachers are always willing to help students and genuinely care about them. The administration is always on board with the teachers and back them up in tough situations. The facilities are wonderful, and there are a variety of extracurricular activities to choose from for students. I would put this District against any in the country!
Some of the teachers cared others didn't. They picked favorites and didn't always do much when it came to students being bullied or mistreated. It felt as though most of the staff treated it as a paycheck instead of caring about the students.
This school district is the only school district I've been too, and I am proud to say that I was able to graduate from this school district. Growing up I loved being a Mount Pleasant Panther. Every Friday night watching the football game was exhilarating hearing the student section chanting. Once I was able to join thdent section I loved it. I was also able to see my brother run cross country and track and watched him go to state. This school district gave me a goo
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I had great success here! All the teachers cared greatly about your education and worked hard to make sure you succeeded
Pretty good experience! Most teachers work well with students! Music teachers were amazing! The atmosphere was good. There was a group of friends for everyone. This school is big enough to where you can have choices, yet small enough that you know everyone. One of the perks about going to MPCHS was you could be in everything! You could be in sports, music, and art! I had a great experience here, and you will too!
Going to school in the Mount Pleasant district has always been good for me. The teachers really do care about the students, and want to be there. One thing I would like to see change, is the student recognition. My GPA has always been high enough for the academic awards, but for some reason I never get the recognition.
They don't seem to really care about the students at all and need to care more about the students instead of getting money
As with any high school, there are cliques and favoritism and obvious prejudice toward students based on their personal lives, appearance, and financial status. Many of the staff are pleasant to work with, though some have strong opinions or beliefs that they show in their teaching and guidance.
My experience at my school during early year before going to community college and transfer to university campus, is more of a fun and learning new thing that help my experiences for advanced technology class.
It's fun to be in and a great place to learn... if you're at the high end of the social spectrum. Otherwise, it can be quite downgrading and a terrible place to be in.
They provided opportunities for students and treated everyone well. The small town of Mount Pleasant was perfect size to grow up in. Small enough to know those around you, but big enough to have great schooling.
Mount Pleasant offers many great opportunities and a variety of AP classes along with college dual enrollment which makes it easy to get a headstart for college. It is a place that offers connections because of its relatively small size. It allows for close relationships and understanding between student and teacher and allows for people to be themselves.
My overall experience with MPCSD was great. There are a wide variety of clubs that make after school hours fun. I also believe that MPCSD has a very good curriculum. For the most part students learn what they need to before they are sent off to college. Th most important thing about MPCSD is that they are willing to work with their students if needed to succeed. To conclude, I believe that Mt. Pleasant Community School District is a very good school to attend.
As a student, I felt as though the staff is very inconsistent. There are some teachers who inspire creativity, advocate education, and recognize individuality. On the opposite end of the spectrum are those teachers that are simply there for a paycheck. The number of average teachers outweighs the great ones, but those who are the amazing teachers conduct their classrooms with such passion that having only one greatly elevates your education. It seems the school is often made by the "distinguished" parents of the community, usually making it out to be a popularity contest. Despite this, I see a lot of heart from some members the staff, ranging from the vice principal to the lunch ladies, with a common interest: the students.
I would like to see everything change. For example how bullying will not be tolerated. It is tolerated and people get away with things. In readiness for college they don't prepare one for that. You have to either figure it out on your own or ask someone else. They need to bring by classes that teach basic life skills. Also a class that uses math in everyday living.
I love this school district. I would not change much about the school. It is in a great location. It is safe and all of the teachers will spend extra time with you to make sure you understand the material.
Great school! This school is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone. Great facilities and staff!
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My experience with the Mount Pleasant High School is relatively good. It's a great school and I like attending it. The teachers are wonderful and helpful and there a lot of great students.
I could not ask for a better place to spend my high school years. My school provides a very good educational system and an amazing teaching staff.
The school environment is very caring and nice. The teachers show that they actually care about what grades you make and how you are doing.
The Mount Pleasant Community School District is like one big family.
As a Senior at Mount Pleasant, I have enjoyed my time in the school system. have made many great memories and have made great connections here with students and staff.
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