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Mount Pleasant Central School District Reviews

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I love going to Westlake High School. I have never seen a more tight group of students and faculty in one building. Although we may not be the most diverse place, we are accepting, and we also have a great sense of community here. The faculty and staff are like our friends, our administration knows every student by name and what their schedule is life, and the students have a tight bond that will forever leave an impact on them. I am so thankful to have met every single person from Westlake. Westlake makes me the happiest student in the world, and I am beyond grateful I was fortunate to attend such an incredible place in the last four years. I am happy, and I regret nothing.
Mount Pleasant Central School District prepares you for the next step you hope to take in life from grade school to high school and from high school to college. Along with this the school district is full of many friendly faces from the staff to parents and students. A few things I would change is to add in some courses that can benefit all students interests due to the fact that I know several students who cannot find something they enjoy. However all in all I believe that the Mount Pleasant Central School District is a great place to attend school and meet amazing people.
As a student in this school district, I had an amazing experience at Westlake High school. Being here I was given many opportunities for college and beyond. The AP course load has helped me prepare for college and what comes after that. The teachers are all very nice and are always around to help their students if they are struggling. The administration accommodates with what the students need to better their education. Additionally, they have a great number of clubs that give all students the chance to get involved. This district has had a great impact on my life as I prepare to go to college.
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Mount Pleasant CSD cares about academics as well as childrens' social and emotional health. APs and college level courses are offered. The middle school is becoming an IB MYP World School and elementary schools are warm and offer students the ability to excel. There is a STEAM SYMPOSIUM too!
I liked that I learned a lot from my teachers. They made me a better writer and overall a smarter and better person
Wonderful teachers throughout the district. I would be sure to encourage STEM fields more throughout high school, however.
Our teachers are all so nice and they willingly go above and beyond for their students. Also, since there are generally less than 200 kids per grade, all the students are able to have a personal connection with their teachers. This is a boon to the students because the one-on-one care helps them to achieve higher grades and be more successful.
the elementary and middle school are decent, high school needs a lot of help. if you aren't the type of parent that is proactive instead of reactive you will find your child getting shuffled around. teacher turn over is too high.
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