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Mount Pleasant Area School District Reviews

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We love Mt Pleasant school district. It is a good blend of a small town feel but they can still help create good opportunities for the students. The administration knows what is going on in the school because of the small town feel.
Mt Pleasant was a great time for me. The facilities were good and the teaching was okay, but left something to be desired.
It was a nice, small, comfortable school. I went there my entire grade school and high school career. The teachers and students were wonderful, which made everything much better.
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I have gained a very good education from this high school. The teachers are nice and noticeably care about the students. The only bad part about this school is the lack of Advanced Placement courses. There are seven classes, two science, two history, two english and one math. Personally, I feel like there is not enough variety for students on the AP scale.
When there are football games, there are 2 concession stands. One is run completely by football boosters, the other is band. The proceeds the band makes goes to the football team. I would like to see this change. The proceeds the theatre department makes also goes to the school, not the orgsnization. As well as band and chorus concerts. I would like to see this change as well
It’s a nice looking school. The teachers are either absolutely wonderful or just down right terrible people. It could be a great school if they would get rid of some teachers
Mount Pleasant Area School District is an okay place, but all anyone cares about around here is athletics and who's parents own what. A lot of bullying occurs here and no one does anything about it.
I had a decent experience with Mount Pleasant Area School District. Personally, I did not have much trouble with any of the faculty members. However, I did experience bullying between students within the school.
I like the scenery when running on the track. Learn what I need to know for college. The teachers are nice, the swim coach, and track coach are both excellent. I want there to be a cross-country team, and a class for Latin.
The Mount Pleasant Area School District has many advantages that further a student's education, but the only reason its not five stars is the lack of help in the Guidance office and finding ways around the constitutional rights.
Few flaws but overall it's a very nice school. The teachers really help with assignments and will try to explain in different ways so that the student can understand and learn.
My children attend school here and overall I have had a great experience with teachers and staff. The teachers are very concerned with helping children strive to do their best. I have communicated regularly with them about my children's work and progress. I recommend MP School District to anyone looking to move here.
Small school, small classes, great advanced prep classes. Facilities are up to date and very clean! Part of a very small town but the school is very involved with the community. Students are given ample opportunity to get involved in both the school and community!
I was bulied by a teacher. The classes had good education but poor teachers. The clubs were exciting and had many activities that kept the students involved. Some teachers really did care about education and the future of their students but it was rare to find.
I am a senior at Mount Pleasant Area and I have enjoyed my time there, but there are many issues as well. The teachers are wonderful and very helpful, although the guidance office never seems to be that helpful.
Mount Pleasant Area School District is a great place for people to go to high school. The teachers are personable and always willing to help. It is small school, which has its perks of small classes and knowing teaches on personal levels. But one down fall is that there aren't many opportunities here. They only offer certain electives and courses, which means there is not a wide variety to choose from.
Mount Pleasant is a great place to raise your children. Unfortunately, it does have its ups and downs, but so do other school. Overall a good school for any child.
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There is mold throughout the school. They can afford to buy new flat screen TVs for all the classrooms, but not new textbooks. Cares more about football than grades.
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