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Mount Olive Township School District Reviews

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Teachers and staff really care about the academic community. The academic experience as well as the experience you gain outside the classroom through extra-curricular programs offered is outstanding. Administration and the board of education work together to constantly find ways to better the district as a whole to offer students the most rewarding education they can.
While learning in mount olive I have found that my school is very different from others in my area. People always come up to me commenting on how good our school system is. It can be rigorous, but there are many resources for students to use for help.
Mount Olive was my home for many years, I watched it grow and change but the school district is highly focused more on the appearance and athletics of the school rather that the academic aspect. The district paid two million dollars on new bleachers for the football stadium, but will not pay for students advanced placement testing making it difficult for some students to be able to take them. Overall, the teachers and administrators were always very helpful in providing everything they could wi6th what they were given to make their students succeed. I would reccomend any parent to send they children to this district, it has come very far and is still continue to grow with a new superintendent.
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We have been through the Mt Olive schools from elementary to high school, and had a great experience with each. The schools focus on student kindness and as a result have very little bullying. Student community is very diverse. Educational programs are tremendous and the quantity and quality of their offerings are amazing.
I love when the town comes together for sports. Nothing is better than Friday Night lights and watching the Marauders play some good old fashion football. The environment around the school is nothing like you've ever experience when you go to a high school. The teachers are very welcoming and push you to be the best you can be and get you to that college level readiness. The academics within the Mount Olive School district is the best it has ever been. With tests like the AP exams and PARCC testing have never been so high. Diversity, and clubs within the school are a very strong factor in Mount Olive. All of the volunteering and fundraising that is done is through the clubs and the diversity of people within those clubs. Mount Olive has always been such a strong, intellectual, and compassionate district and nothing compares to the mighty Marauders!
Our township is very prideful for mount olive and having that for your high school is wonderful. I cannot remember a time when our football stadium was not packed. Though, I wish that we were not so test based. We waste so much time preparing for state tests that will give money to the school if the students do well but instead we need more college preparation. In my English class we only have less than half of a marking period to work on writing for college essays and creating resumes. New Jersey had parcc testing for a few days which threw every class off. My school has wonderful teachers and the academics are outstanding but the district needs to see the broader picture for their students future.
Mt. Olive schools offer a wide array of learning opportunities. In recent years, the high school renovated a huge portion of the building that had been condemned for many years into a robotics lab and state-of-the-art music recording studio. The school offers excellent science and math programs and the English and foreign language departments are also impeccable. I spent thirteen years in Mt. Olive schools and the district helped me flourish in so many ways. I may not have realized it at the time, but I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to attend a school district that is so much about the students and not about testing.
Overall the experience has been pretty good. Some issues with guidance counselors in high school level. Bus service needs to be added again for late classes/sports.
MOHS was the bomb!
The programs at Mount Olive are outstanding!
The Robotics Team, MORT, is amazing.
I would not be where I am today without the help of the robotics team, and the school fantastic teaching staff.
Whatever path you want to take in life, MOHS has options for you!
I've been at Mount Olive School for about 2 years and I've experienced ups and downs. However, the good outweighs the bad. Mount Olive gives it's students an opportunity to excel in whatever they want to it. A structured school always leads it's students into a successful future. Yes, sometimes the academics could be difficult but this is for the best. Being at Mount Olive has pushed me to better myself and stay focused on the important things in my life. The staff and students are amazing and are willing to help in times of need. I feel grateful for the opportunity that has been presented to me here and it continues to push me forward.
Mount Olive is a great place to go to school. My overall experience here has been nothing short of positive. Great educators, peers, and administrators that find time to always help you out if you need it.
For the most part, the district is absolutely wonderful. I just graduated and I could not have asked for a better district to finish out high school and middle school with. Definitely cares about their kids and wants to have the best education possible.
I liked the friendly environment of the school. However, the amount of money put into technology should instead be put into things like AP tests.
Great teachers but they need to eliminate core classes. I understand it's to help those that are under average but to be honest you are setting them up for failure when entering colleges. When I began college I truly saw how under prepared I was and still was able to graduate with honors with a bachelors.
Mount Olive Township's School District is a very prestigious one. I grew up in Mount Olive and went to school K-12. Looking back on it now, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have learned in this district. The teacher's knowledge is exceptional, the way school is run is terrific and some policies the school has really helps one strive. For example, the no D policy helps students realize that anything below a 70 is failing. This raises the standards for students and makes them work a little harder to achieve more. Overall, Mount Olive Township has greatly impacted me and my peers as we went through the tremendous learning environment they offered.
Mount Olive Township is a good place to be if you want to receive an excellent education. Teachers generally know what they are teaching you and will do their very best to help you succeed. My one problem with the school is the fact that the money it receives is squandered on new rooms, building, and technology that is generally not needed. Nearly every room has a smart board and there is a small number of teachers and classes who actually use these boards. What the money should be spent on is new textbooks and learning material for the students. Other than this, I have no real qualms with the school and would recommend it to those who want to give their teenagers an exemplary education.
Mount Olive Township Scholl Districtt is the best. All the teachers to the Principle are very helpful.
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I love Mount Olive High School. In the past four years of me going to this school, there are always new ways that our school improves for a better education. The most of the staff is always willing to help you when needed for any class assignment or even give advice for things that you're personally going through. Obviously like most high schools you have drama but besides that it's a pretty well rounded school and great place to be.
The Mount Olive school district is a wonderful place for children to learn and grow. The teachers are well prepared with their material, and they make sure the students feel the same way
Everyone is very nice. The school is always investing in itself to make sure that their learning environment is always up to date.
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