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Mount Markham Central School District Reviews

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Mount Markham is a great rural school district. As time goes on the academics, clubs and activities get better each year. The faculty is willing to listen and open to opinions of change. I do think more classes that are useful to getting ready to life outside of high school should be added; with teachers who are good and willing to teach those abilities. Any irresponsible behavior is handled accordingly. Help is provided with a sort of school therapist who works each month to create activities toward being kind toward others and awareness of mental health diseases. Mount Markham is one of the best schools in the area.
I like that mount markham is rural and is home to a lot of hard-working people that work at theschool in various capacities. And, you see them around town so you are able to build a strong relationship with them, which helps when you have to address issues in the school setting.
My experience at Mt. Markham was very enjoyable and I was able to meet life long friends. I was able to bond with the teachers. I was involved in many sports, including soccer and lacrosse. I was the Vice President of my class and was able to organize many events and the senior class trip. I was involved in National Honor Society with many of my friends. I was able to apply to The Clark Foundation Scholarship because my academic excellence. My sisters and I were able to become very close and enjoy many school activities together.
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Very little diversity, yet very friendly and family oriented classmates. The school is located in the middle of the country and so it forces students to build relationships with one another. Successful sports programs and knowledgeable educators.
Mount Markham offers a lot of experiences for students to learn and grow as a person. The teachers and administration are all very nice and only wish to help students succeed and strive to do the best the can do.
School isn't big on diversity, or discipline of favored student. School food could use some improvement and they should promote BOCES more. P.E. should have an alternative for those who do not excel athletically, more after school activities should be offered as well.
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