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I was a part of this school district from Kindergarten all the way up until I graduated high school. Although many of my teachers were amazing, many weren't. It was a hit or miss situation past 3rd grade in this district.
I like the way people are connected. The teachers ,staff, and administrators are supporting the students and the condition are very good. The teachers and all the faculty from Mt.Healthy city school district help and provide their students to success in their careers and for life. I would not recommend any change about Mt. Healthy City School District . I like the way it is.
In my school year, it was hard to compromise or switch anything from past rules dealing with graduating years in the past with administrations. Some administrations did judge you if you had a troubling sibling. Teachers do put in effort towards your education if you put in effort too. Needs more clubs to get into instead of only having clubs for Jr. high students. Overall it's a decent school, the sport is ok here and administrators try to uplift and keep you on track to college.
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My experience at Mt. Healthy over the past years has been crazy honestly. I've witnessed a lot of drama , bullying, fighting and just other outrageous things. I've lost friends and gained friends. My last year of high school I think was one of my best years because of my special group of friends that pushed me and never gave up on me. Some things I would like to see change is the communication, if one administrator know about something I believe they all should.
Mt. Healthy High School is a diverse high school with well educated teachers and friendly staff. Being a school in the suburbs you find yourself surrounded by kids from the neighborhood and who you grew up with elementary. Mt. Healthy offered classes that challenged you and offered classes that help you with basic life skills. Because of this school I was well prepared for the real world outside high school.
My experience here has been okay it could be better. We need better teachers and administration. Also we need better class options and college readiness.
Mount Healthy Schoolboy district is a school that you can go to and learn and be active in different events. Mount Healthy is a school that you may have played around at your high school year and st he very end regret it because you realize you could have tried harder to pay attention that you could have listened to the teacher when they told you to sit down and be quite . Mount Healthy is a very competitive, athletic , Diverse school and I love Mount Helthy High Schooland I’m glad that it is my Home school while I still further my education at Diamond Oaks.
I loved my time at my healthy high school very versatile environment lots of sports and activity to get involved
I've attended Mount Healthy Jr/Sr High School since the 7th grade. I've seen teachers come and go. Our learning curriculum at times have been below average and then was better at above average. The atmosphere overall is great. The sports programs could be somewhat better.
I went to Mt. Healthy since 7th grade all the way up to graduation in the class of 2017. My experience at Mt. Healthy was ok but when junior year came about some of the teacher just seemed that they began not to care about what students did. This was a problem because then students began to act out and more issues arose which shouldn't have. I want to see Mt. Healthy be great like I know it can be. I believe in them.
I began at Mt. Healthy city schools my second grade year and have recently graduated May of 2017. My experience at Mt. Healthy was amazing, everyone there is like a family. The school is big but everyone knew each other and the administrators made it there job to know every student. From the time you got to school until you left you felt safe in your learning environment. The change that I would like to see in the district is that every sport in the school get more recognition from the community and that the school allows the students to express more of their creative sides by funding them to be able to do more activities.
Mount Healthy was a nice school, the teachers were nice and helpful. they always tried to help us and find new ways to learn. the principal were always trying to motivate us and he always tried to get to know his students.
My experience in mt.healthy was overall good. Being in the honors program here we get no extra privileges I think honors should they just get more work. It has not been a steady principle at mt.healthy in a couple of years after 2 years they have a new one. Most of the teachers here care about their students and tries to make connections to better our education.
I have experienced the ups and the downs of Mount Healthy City School District. We need to change to way we help students. I feel that we should start having mentors that keep up with the students and keep them on the right path.
I went to MTH city schools for 10 years of my educational career. (Pre-school - 8th grade) It honestly was horrible, there were fights everyday, bullying constantly, and I never felt safe. I would never recommend attending school there.
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Going to Mt. Healthy High School was a good experience for me. I was quiet and no students had any problem with that they were very welcoming when I had questions. The staff was helpful in growing my education for the future.
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