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Mount Gilead Exempted Village School District Reviews

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While spending my whole school career at Mount Gilead. There are a lot of things that I am thankful for. The teachers genuinely care about you, your wellbeing, and your grades. They always give me a boost of confidence and make you know it is okay to be yourself. I am so very thankful to be an Indian.
Mount Gilead is a very good school for a kid that wants the normal high school experience and wants to fit in and have some fun. It is not good however if you are looking into going to college. You are given no help by staff and definitely no help by the classes that are offered.
I love all of the teachers here, but administration cares very little about its students and community. This past year five positions were cut from the school and all AP courses were terminated, while the board got a raise. They tried to pass a levy but in doing so would have given them another raise so it didn't pass.
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I have spent 12 years in the Mount Gilead school system. We do have an open enrollment in place and I could go anywhere but I choose to go and excelle in everything I do here. Something I would want to change at my school would be our finances to be shared with all sports, having the community more involved with our school and great scholarships.
Mount Gilead Exempted Village School District has a lot of caring people. There are a lot of people who care about education, but there are also a lot of people who don't. The arts programs are completely forgotten 90% of the time. It has also been said to me that "academics is something we do here to ensure that we have our athletes here at three o'clock." It is a smaller school, so you get to know everyone, but the attitudes there are not always welcoming.
Mount Gilead High School is flexible with your schedule and open to the College Credit Plus program. Though they prefer you don't take too many college courses.
I like that the school is secure, teaches information that the students will be expected to know later in life. I believe that the school does not have enough time to teach the materials tested by the state of Ohio before the tests are given. Especially in the areas of mathematics, the State tests focus on topics that can't be reached by the average classroom before the tests arrive.
A good school with great teachers and some truly awesome classes. However, it is very small, maybe 400 students total, with only so much variety in types of courses and a very ascetically plain building due to lack of art work and decoration allowed on the walls.
Mount Gilead provides a safe environment that allows students to be prepared for college. This small town school keeps students learning and allows them to excel in life.
Mount gilead is an amazing school with great teachers and it's has an A ranking. The mount gilead district is good for anyone that is looking for a small close nite school for there child to go to. The town is also a very nice area.
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