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Mount Carmel Area School District Reviews

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This school is horrible. Faculty doesn’t care about students. Students run around hallways cursing and throwing stuff in front of parents. Most Mount Carmel graduates need tutoring in college to catch up.
I loved the teachers at mount carmel area high school. They are good role models and are very helpful. The food in this school is not too good but overall the school is okay. There are plenty of activities and programs to join but the schools overall participation is not too well. Our art program shrunk in half this past year with one of the two art teachers getting fired.
Mount Carmel has great teachers, friendly stundents, and above average food. If I could change anything, I would change exam schedules, air conditioning, and give our school access to more advanced technology.
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really liked this school in terms of the activities they have and the popularity of their sports team. this school has the highest number of wins for high school football in pa. teachers are friendly and they will help you until you succeed. the only bad thing is that you have to follow the dress code, but on Fridays you can wear whatever you want.
Mount Carmel Area School District is located in a small town. So you mostly know everyone. Many of the faculty grew up in the area & decided to stay local for their employment. I think this is a plus!
My experience as a student at Mount Carmel Area School District was extremely pleasant. There are a few rough patches in every high school student's life, but overall i have been having a great time learning at MCA. I loved the fact that everyone in the school is so close and connected. For example, I know most people's first and last name in my school. One thing that could be better at MCA is the diversity of curriculum. I wish the school had a wider variety of high level classes to choose from.
The school is good with education purpose which is more than I can ask for but when it comes to the littlest thing as a little logo on a shirt they can barely see they make big deals over it...the littlest thing that is...they should happy these children still come to school everyday and want a education...that would be my main focus as a teacher or principal....
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