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Every student had an option to help their future. Every single student had someone there to help them if they needed it- only if the help needed was a few words of wisdom.
The school as a whole has provided excellent education in the english and math areas. I have learned a lot of concrete things about myself and what I want to do to further my education. The teachers really love and support you if you are open and willing. The students are filled with a lot of drama which is very toxic, but if you find the right group of people and if you battle through the hard classes, you will realize how much Mount Baker has to offer as a school. Overall, very good school!
This is a small school that likes to keep people close to one another and stay connected, most people know each other and that keeps you from getting into a lot of trouble. The teachers are great, however I just wish there were more opportunities for extra curricular activities.
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I want to see a title more ance among the peers as well as a crack down on drug abuse. But education wise, its pretty average.
I went to Mount Baker High School. It was a very nice school to attend. I learned a lot from most of the teachers. Some teachers taught better then others, but that is always expected. I did running start my junior year. I would have to say some of the classes that I took in high school really prepared me, while others not so much but I still had a great time attending the classes.
Mt. Baker school district is committed to supporting students on their educational journey. Teachers and staff make connections with families to enhance a relationship and strong team of people to help educate students.
Mount Baker District has one of the most welcoming community of people. The small schools creates a community where there are very little fights or disagreement. The teachers work hard and truly care about their students.
The honours classes and several of the teachers were really great, and once I got to high school I was challenged and actually learning. There is a problem with slurs and bullying, but I only experienced it outside of honours classes/band so I didn't see it that much.
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