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Mount Anthony Union High School District Reviews

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The teachers here a great. The CDC is also connected to the school and students can be enrolled in classes there, which is very beneficial to helping students get their feet wet in the workforce
if you want to be relentlessly bullied with the staff doing nothing to help, this is the school for you! bonus: the staff will bully you sometimes too! never gotten any sort of respect in here.
I would've found it useful if the school provided assistance with helping students apply to college.
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I believe that if a student holds the right mindset that Mount Anthony works to ensure that proper education is being given to said students. But, I also believe that there are more students with negative mindsets who go to this school and are not handled properly nor given the correct attention and rather are floating through school doing nothing or being treated unfairly. Mount Anthony was a good school but could learn to focus more on what a student actually needs rather than what can be done to ensure they graduate without proper education.
Mount Anthony Union High School has lots of opportunity regarding art programs, college programs, and programs that prepare you for jobs in and outside of the college path. For this school to become greater, there would need to be in increase of diversity not only in the student body but in the whole school body as well.
Terrible experience. Did not accommodate my disability at all. Some teachers are okay but most faculty are rude and unhelpful. I barely learned anything during my time there.
What I enjoy about Mount Anthony is the faculty and students in the theater and music departments. I love the music department and the way that the students communicate with each other, it's like a big family. I would like to see a difference in the budget for the these departments, instead of all of the money going to the athletic teams perhaps getting a new curtain for the stage in the auditorium.
The high school administration and district administration is in flux which creates all sorts of problems. The guidance office was not proactive with my son and he missed many opportunities related to the high school and college experience.
Good staff, but poor student body. It's often hard to teach kids who don't want to learn, so typically those who do get held back by them. The drug epedemic has lead to many attention deficit disorders and it often shows in the classroom.
The MAUHS school district excels in several areas. The district has ensured their students a positive learning environment by hiring teachers and faculty that care about the success of their pupils. Every class has an encouraging learning environment, with several external resources available to anyone in need of extra assistance in their academic career. Students are encouraged to take the courses that interest them, and follow the career they desire, rather than what is most lucrative today. Whether you are at the top of your class, in the middle, or towards the bottom, MAUHS will ensure it gives every student equal opportunity to succeed and exceed their goals and pursuits.
It has a lot of opportunities and options for almost any interest, but the social environment and some staff members are difficult.
Overall I had a positive experience at my high school. Academically I had experienced and involved teachers that took interest in my success. I was involved in athletics and had average coaches. It was a bit political at the Varsity level which took away from the fun I could have had more of. We had a new principal that was not very involved with student life.
It's a very athletic, competitive school. Our athletes come before everyone else. We are very competitive with out test scores as well, even though we don't test well. School became more about passing grades than it did learning, which is terrible. Most of our teachers and staff athletic research great but some of the learning styles we are taught are horrifying.
The new administration is fantastic. The school is filled with hard working, and highly educated staff. The biggest issues with the school is the low diversity, but nearly all of Vermont has low diversity.
I enjoyed the teachers' commitment to each student. The Mount Anthony community is one of acceptance, and desire to help others. The teachers are not only willing, but are committed to helping each student to ensure their success. Mount Anthony has a lot of pride. You enter the school, and you suddenly feel like you are a part of a family. Mount Anthony also offers many classes which allow you to find your passion. I enjoyed that Mount Anthony has many students and teachers, and still had an incredibly close knit community. There are many extracurriculars at Mount Anthony, and everyone is able to join an activity or club which they are passionate about. I would like to see students have more courage to join these clubs. It would be incredible to see students take part in activities that they are interested in, and not follow the crowd. The integration of different groups of students would allow the community at Mount Anthony to be even more personal.
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