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I enjoyed the level of rigor at Mounds View Public School, as well as the abundance of extracurricular activities to participate in. My only complaint would be that, at the time when I was a student at Mounds View High School, there was not much support for students struggling with mental health. Nowadays, I see the district making strides to equip students with the tools that they need to combat school, social, and family altogether.
I like moundsview public schools because it makes students feel welcomed and ready to learn.It helps students as much as they can in their studies.
Most of the teachers are very knowledgeable and are good at teaching and connecting with students. Many options are available for advanced learning and opportunities for earning college credit during high school are common. Administration does not seem connect well with students however.
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at Mounds view you come out very prepared for college. At Mounds view there is a wide range of classes to choose from with many of them offering college credit. Sports are a bit second class here. There is just a strong emphasis on student in student athlete. It's not really hard to make friends here as your classes can be a rather large and there are many opportunities to participate in sports and other clubs.
For the most part, I found good friends, but the teachers wasted a lot of time trying to get set up or the lesson or would give us busy work. There were only 4 good teachers out of all the 4 years I have been there. The focus of MVHS is on sports and business or the physical aspect of the school. They aren't improving on education as much as I expected during the senior year. Turtle lake and Chippewa were amazing, just the high school experience wasn't that good.
Incredibly cliquey, and difficult culture to succeed in. Good teachers, and they prepare you for college really well.
As with any school district, there are many things that need to change, but compared to many other school districts, this is a great district. There are opportunities for students from any background and of many interests.
Mounds view has a great academic culture with lots of vigorous courses to offer. However it falls short on key parts of student’s lives such as mental health. Administration is trying to improve but until changes are made MV can only be considered an average school.
Staff will push you to be the best and achieve that 4.0 GPA with extracurriculars and a steady job outside of school but they don't give you any tools to balance that. The teachers are kind and always willing to help. The teachers understand your stressful schedule a lot more than the staff do. The school board wants to address our growing suicide rate but they keep doing so with quick fixes that don't actually work (like bringing in a speaker once a year and having a counselor only after someone has died). The academics are great with plenty of opportunity for greatness but the overall culture breeds depression and anxiety for students who think they will never be good enough.
Mounds View High School is known for its academic rigor. Because of the school's emphasis on high academic achievement, students are well prepared for future college plans. While this is all good, good grades can sometimes weight too heavy on students. (ex. a B- is considered failing) Nevertheless, i enjoyed my time at MVHS.
Highly competitive = if you are an "average" Minnesota student, you will be considered borderline learning impaired. Test scores are at the top of the teacher's daily goals. BUT - great people, coaches, and extra curriculars.
I love going to Mounds View. I think I have really grown as a person throughout my 4 years there. The only thing I struggled with was such high expectations placed upon me because my school is so well known for academic success. I sometimes felt I did not fit in because my grades were not as good as some people’s.
The high schools in the district offer a lot of concurrent enrollment courses that give students a great opportunity to take a lot of courses as college credits that count as generals especially within MN State School system. This can help aid with high schoolers to be more prepared when they enroll in college full time and be closer or go right into taking their major course requirements. The school promotes this as well as develop a four plan as a freshman to be prepared, to set goals and to promote success.
MV prioritizes test scores over grades! We moved our child to Chippewa in 7th grade. Prior to that she had been at a parochial school. Because of her low-test scores in math (60-70%) her newly hired dean recommended she take regular math. This was a mistake as 7th grade was essentially a repeat (my child received all As, all semesters in middle school math). Then we made the mistake of taking Mounds View's testing. Again, she scored at or just below the 70% mark. And was arbitrarily placed in a College Seminar class to improve her math abilities. Unless your child is scoring below the 50% mark on the tests, or is struggling with grades it is a waste of time. The teachers and program administrator do not know what to do to fill the hours. MV has set my child back an entire year in math and wasted an hour where she could have been earning credits. If I could go back, I would have waited until 9th grade to enroll my child and exempted her from taking their tests.
At Mounds View, there was a strong emphasis on academics. Many top classes require studying outside of school. Academic extracurriculars are very strong at this school, but the competitive and somewhat toxic cultures around them are not dealt with by the coaches. If you come to Mounds View and be a top student, be prepared to have little time for relaxing or hobbies.
Mounds view has really displayed a commitment to the education of their students with constant change in order to better help the students succeed
Diverse and committed to postsecondary success. Teachers and staff are kind and happy to help by staying after or even coming early. The district offers many advanced placement and enrichment classes.
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It's a great school district. I've never attended a better school. It has a very good education system. I'm very fond of the school.
The Mounds View School District is a great school for education. It is highly competitive, however, and so excelling becomes the norm.
I really liked all of the teachers, especially math and science. Mounds view had lots of different AP classes which was a good challenge for me. Teachers are very knowledgeable and go out of their way to help students. I wish the school started later as starting class at 7:30 was tough some times as I had to be out waiting for the bus at 6:45. Mounds view schools is changing their high school start times but it isn't for a couple of years.
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