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Moss Point Separate School District Reviews

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The Moss Point School District is one of a kind. Educational opportunities are abundant, and the teachers strive above and beyond to create successful students.
Moss Point School District is actually a very successful district. If people pay attention to the outcome, they'd realize how much greatness comes from this school. Not only did this school district excel, but it increased visually with scorings. I personally learned a lot from this school. The teachers make sure you're prepared for the higher levels of education. They don't "baby" you and give you all the answer. You must find the answers for yourself and know why and how that answer is correct. This school is definitely under estimated.
Moss Point School District is improving everyday and has came a long way . I graduated from a school with people who cared and love one other and push each other towards success , we are not the best school but we working towards better .
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This school district is full of diversity amongst staff and students. The ratio between staff and students is above average but the teachers will try their best accommodate the needs of their students. I would like to see more teacher and parent involvement amongst the schools in the district.
Just like with everything else.. you get out what you put in. You have those who truly want to learn and are very successful in doing so and you have those who dont want to accomplish anything.
This is a growing school district that does it's best to provide quality and equal opportunity education for it's student's I am a product of Moss Point High School, Class of 2011 and I couldn't be more proud
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