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The teachers at Mosinee High School really care about their students they are always willing to help you do better and give you a better grade when they can tell you are giving it your all, a very supportive environment where anybody can be number one if you just try!
Mosinee School District is a place like no other. In all my years growing up here, I cannot say they have been anything like this year. Middle school was great growing up. Very simple, very laid-back. I did not feel totally prepared, though. he middle school teachers fed us some white lies, such as "you'll fail high school if you do not have a red pen," or "teachers will kick you out if you're late." Those things are not true, and I felt scared coming into high school in fear I would end up being kicked out the school completely. This year, though, I was not prepared for it. There have been multiple expulsions for things such as fighting, and trying to bring drugs into school. Thankfully, I was not involved in any of it, but some students feel unsafe coming to school here. I am sure hat things will eventually shift back to normal by the time I am gone, and I really did enjoy my middle school years, but I was not prepared for high school.
My experience at Mosinee High has been pretty well. I’ve liked how there was always resources surrounding you to help you, the school spirit is shown at every event, and everyone wants each student to succeed and follow their dreams to become a reality.
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Almost all of the teachers are very nice, joyful, and helpful, which makes school all the more enjoyable.
Mosinee school district has great teachers that help guide students on their way to success. There are even beginning to add more AP classes in the high school which is a large improvement from a few years ago.
Mosinee is one of the best school districts in the area, for me. Yes the buildings could use some updating, but the overall friendliness and cooperation between students and staff, is what makes the district such a great place to learn.
My experience with the Mosinee School District has been very positive. All the teachers I have had over the years were friendly and easy to talk to which made learning easy. I like that it is a small community and school so I have a lot of friends and know everyone. I especially enjoyed the sports I was involved with which include football, basketball and baseball.
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