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I like that Moses Lake high School is a smaller school, all of the teachers know each other and are very friendly to all of us students. However, due to the schools small size it is extremely overcrowded which makes it very hard to get through the halls. The bathrooms are another big issue, there are not enough bathrooms for the number of students at the school so there is usually lines and the bathrooms are very unsanitary. Combining the lines at the bathrooms with the crowded hallways makes it very hard to get to class on time which is frustrating.
I would like to see moses lake school district focus more on the students learning, mental health and physical health then focusing on chrome books.
Moses lake school district is a very diverse and close community. I love my community and the love we share is unmet. However one thing I would like to see improved is a solution for the immense overpopulation of our high school. We are running on a capacity well over 100% and I feel it would be more beneficial towards the students in our community to have a calmer environment at school without the hectics of the vast crowdedness.
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Moses Lake school district is pays a lot of attention to academics but I would like to see administrators be more involved in the students lives and more helpful with student's future after school.
My experience at Moses Lake high school seems to differ each year, I am pleased with the resources and if at most kind and helpful teachers. Although there does seem to be some draw backs when it feels as though teachers want the education more than the students, it is hard to be in a room full of students who repeatedly don't show up or disrespect others. Yet in some of the classes I have taken during my time it feels like some teachers are just showing up knowing they will get the check at the end of the month and not so much the experience of education and learning things that will help you later in life.
At Moses Lake High School there is so much money being poured into the foot ball program that smaller programs are struggling to get noticed and the students are having a difficult time doing what they love because the smaller programs are not able to fund activities for the students to do.
This school is very caring and has a very diverse. At Moses Lake High School we do have problems but the staff here is very good at working it out. If Moses Lake High School needed anything it would be more portables or rooms.
Going into Moses Lake High School as a freshman I was scared. I didn’t know many people, and I wasn’t sure if I would make friends. Going into those classrooms gave me the best friends I have now. Like a normal person, I had my ups and downs. Playing a sport and going to school is not always easy so when I decided I wanted to slack my junior year, the teachers were there to make sure that I was getting my schoolwork done. The teachers there will not let you fail, they try their best to make us succeed. My life would not be how it is now if it weren’t for going to that school. I found not only my best friends, I found my family.
Great teachers! The schools are all very crowded though. Our high school is crowded by going over by 1000 students with the fire and safety rules and because of it they had to space out classes so that not everyone is on campus at once. Classes start at 0700 and end at 1700. So it can be a long day for staff.
This district lie to the public making up false statistics and blames teachers and destroys programs while due to their mismanagement of public money.
Moses Lake School District, is a very diverse welcoming school I like the different classes they offer and all college offers and help they offer.One change I hope happens is building another high school so it wont be so crowded and wont be able to drop classes due to not enough space.
The Moses Lake High School is very crowded and in need in repairs mostly on the roof because every time it rains the roof leeks. But some pros are that students here come from all over the world which helps keep our town diverse.
Very over crowded with students. The teachers are nice but some of them are not. It is not very clean, all in all not bad but very over crowded.
Moses Lake School District is pretty great. There is a lot of parent involvement and a wide diveristy. Students are outgoing and many join club or play sports. Teachers are great help and we have a lot of resources for college readiness. School food though, could be better.
the school district is ok but it's not the best. they have some improvements that need to be made. the school district has potential but not a lot of it.
I loved the fact that the school is so diversified. You are surrounded by people of different cultures, traditions, and religions. The teachers are friendly, understanding, and educated in their subject. The sports is what makes us who we are. There is only one high school, and we are very competitive!
Being in the high school for four years, I really liked how the teachers are very helpful and they want you to do good in the work , also are friendly.
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Going to Moses Lake High School has changed me for the better, I love this school and all it has to offer. The teachers and every single member of its staff are incredibly helpful in preparing you for your future, college or not.
I mostly loved how close and how many people I knew. In one giant school I felt like I actually knew a good amount of people. I think that in a one high school town there was a better chance to meet more people. I also think I connected better with the staff. Almost all of them were friendly.
Moses Lake School District is always looking to improve, and looking for ways to benefit the student's learning and the student's futures. I admire the ways of the community, and how they help the district as well. As we grow and expand as a district we are improving. I feel like students in this district are receiving a great education because our district has a staff that really cares about the future of students. My experience with Moses Lake School District has been very good!
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