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I struggled in school, I would have liked a teacher to try to help me instead of push me through the system. See me as someone who is trying instead of a problem or someone they didn't want to deal with
Pretty good overall, would like to see the marching band program improve, as well as other music and arts classes.
The building of the school is very old, approaching like 100+ years. That said, the staff are mostly great, teach well, and inspire. The student body is really caring, and the library staff are helpful and provide tons of positive resources. A good high school exprience.
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For HS students, I recommend that you talk to:

Ms. Bean.

Mr. Hightower.

Ms. Pollard.

Mr. Brandt.

Mr. Quinn.

Mr. Dalebout.

Mr. Blount.

Ms. Espy.

The above are good teachers who care about their work.

Do not trust the administrators. They've demonstrated a disregard for student well-being and a decent degree of incompetence. There are some AP classes. Make sure you know your opportunities before going in; the admins won' help you. TAKE DUAL-CREDIT WHEN YOU HAVE THE CHANCE. They won't help you with that either. You can also take classes at the university.
The school facilities need to be remodeled. In particular the high school facilities are literally falling apart and do not fit the number of students it serves.
I greatly enjoy school at the Moscow High School. There are many clubs that are available, and also many sports as well as music programs. The teachers are very nice and they make learning fun and will offer assistance whenever it is needed. The school has an alternating schedule each week, which allows for difference in school schedule instead of a repetitive one. The school hosts many fun events such as arts fest, concerts, student activities and sports events.
Moscow high school is a very good place to learn and grow. the community of Moscow is friendly and welcoming, it is very safe. i have greatly enjoyed my brief time a Moscow high school and will miss it very much
The Moscow school district is one beyond compare. In this little town of Moscow, education is definitely put first. While being a big college town, high school students are readily prepared for the next step in their lives and the community is one just like a family. I couldn't be happier to be apart of this wonderful education system
The graduating classes of Moscow School District boast well-informed, active, and motivated students. Moscow School District has a wealth of caring teachers who focus to not teaching to the test, but supplying the students with the scaffolding necessary to be lifelong learners. The teachers love teaching and the students love learning. Students who go through the Moscow School District are offered an abundance of opportunities, many of which take them to other countries. This is a school district for which the paramount priority is the students it serves.
It is really easy to use. I really like the variety of scholarships. Thank You! I have found many scholarships that seem helpful. I am excited about going and applying to more colleges.
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