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Morton Community Unit School District No. 709 Reviews

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I am a junior at Morton High School and overall had a pretty good time here. Morton is ranked the best district in the central Illinois area for many things including academics and safety. And it also ranks as one the best school in Illinois and one of the safest schools in America. The teachers are all very well trained and do their best to ensure every student is ready for whatever they choose to after high school, whether that be a four-year university, a community college, tech school, or going directly into the work force. The people at Moreton High School are very nice and people are easily taken in to new friend groups. Morton is very safe, small town with many great people.
It seemed that throughout my time within the Morton Community Unit School District, kindergarten through freshmen year, the most important thing to them were test scores. the well being of their students was never something they truly seemed to care about. In fact, if you didn't get good grades, they often suggested you moving schools.
The teachers and staff really care about the students success. The school really pushes students to work hard.
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I had a really rigorous class-load while at Morton. This was good, as it prepared me for life outside of this town, but a lot of the teachers don’t know how to teach very effectively. It is hard to keep up with the high-stress environment when your teachers do not put out as much as they expect to give back. I would like to see this change, but the ones who are effective teachers are fantastic.
Morton Community certainly has a history of excellence and prepares students for life after high school. The teachers make sure to prepare each student and cares about their success. The school provides many opportunities for later life by bringing in many speakers and college reps to excite students for later life.
I have been going to Morton since 2nd grade. One of the reasons why my family moved to Morton was for the quality of the education that Morton offers. I am thankful for being able to go to Morton’s schools. I have made so many unforgettable memories and friendships through school. At the The high school, they have clubs and activities to choose from. I am in a couple, but would like more option to choose from. I think that it is hard to have a lot of clubs because the school is smaller compared to other schools. The school’s music education program is my favorite part of the school. I am in the marching band and wind ensemble at the high school. I have been a part of the band program for about 7 years and it has been a great experience.
This institution is a very accomplished academic-focused school, however this laser focus on academics typically led to issues. There was little to no concern for how the students were mentally handling themselves, with workloads being excessive many nights of the year. However, there are plenty of amazing faculty members who shine through in the area of helping students succeed.
I love the Jefferson elementary school . All of my children did well until Jr high. Once in Jr high teachers and expectations were all over the board and they don’t prepare our kids for High School! High school has high expectations and put excessive pressure on our kids to excel. However, my daughter was very prepared for college. She has stated that college is much easier than High school was.
I would like the school to provide more classes in regards to the trades. The school is very focused on college educations which is good but the jobs of the future are in the trades more than anything else with so many people getting ready to retire. Also, it would be grand if they provided quality equipment for all sports.
I have been going to schools in MCUSD709 since I was in kindergarten (I am currently a rising senior). I have had very few unpleasant experiences while attending school here, but a this can be expected anywhere and were not necessarily the fault of the school district. The resources and opportunities given to me by Morton are unmatched by any other schools in the area, and I have become close with a number of teachers and administrators during my time here.
It was alright. The school only cared about its reputation online and the papers. There was some teachers who were cool and caring. The student body was alright.
Morton High School was a great school to go to. The teachers were very nice and always willing to help out. Teachers would go above and beyond to have their students achieve their goals. After going to college with people from all over, I never realized how much Morton prepares their students for college. I am lucky to have gone to Morton because I see people from other places who are not prepared at all. Some people have never heard of common knowledge skills that people from Morton have known since fifth grade. It is a very clean and safe environment for the students to focus on their education.
The school has a lovely environment with numerous classes that offer a lot of rigor, as well as college preparedness. Not to mention an award winning music program to accompany ever-improving athletic teams. Overall, Morton has the academics, extracurriculars, and the resources to continue to be a central zone for excellence in the State of Illinois.
Amazing district. Special education resources. Teachers are amazing. Would not change schools ever again. Will be in this District till college.
I attended Morton schools for 8 years. In high school, I realized that not all teachers were great, but most of them, if you gave them a chance, were good. I didn't have much to complain about until senior year when Common Core was introduced and it made everyone's lives more difficult. For most teachers, it was a waste of time and it was the same for the students. That is one of the only things that stuck with me throughout college as something I wish I hadn't had to experience in high school. One subject that I wish I had the opportunity to learn about was life. How to write a check, do my tax returns, and be an adult. I came to college knowing some math, remembering a bit of Spanish, and knowing how to write a paper. I wish I had learned how to be an adult and do things that real people do because not a lot of the information that I learned in high school was meaningful. It did, however, teach me how to study and work hard.
Morton Community Unit School District No. 709 provided an outstanding experience for my oldest daughter who happens to have special needs. She was included in a number of activities. The fact is her excellent experience was no comparison to how the regular education students benefitted from her inclusion. I believe these students learned respect and understanding of all students - regardless of their abilities.
Morton was a great district that really prepared me for college. Coming from Morton has definitely given me an edge over many of my peers due to the curriculum Morton has.
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