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Morrisville-Eaton Central School District Reviews

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I personally love this school! I've lived in Morrisville and attended Morrisville-Eaton schools for my whole life. It is a very small and welcoming school. The students are very accepting and encouraging. The teachers are absolutely incredible and will do anything to help their students. I don't think you can find a better group of teachers! I have loved every second of my education here and I am so grateful for everything this school has given me.
This school has it's challenges; dwindling number of students, old and hard to maintain buildings, etc... and they work hard to rise above these challenges. I think they do so successfully. Besides a few "mean kids" the population is largely friendly, kind, respectful. Teachers will bend over backwards to help your kids, and literally give them the shirts off their backs if they so much as suspect a need. Administration listens to your concerns, you just have to make the effort to take them to them. They are making huge strides in adding fantastic club & activity opportunities for our kids. I am pleased.
My family loves the whole district. Very great group of teachers and staff. Couldn't be happier to have my children in the district.
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The size of the school, makes the my children able to learn more. able to get individual help when needed. My children are in several clubs and activities and love the teachers. The staff have kept the facility clean and up to date as best they can with the budget they have. The school district has tried to merged with others but it has not yet done so. The school district has merged with others to keep the sports going and I encourage and am pleased to see this. This school Is one of the BEST.
I loved my time at Morrisville-Eaton! During my high school years, I always had something to get involved with! From plays, sports, and other varied activities there was always something to do. The faculty was more then willing to help you along your way! I remember my teachers being more then willing to write recommendation letters when the time came! They also always tired to push us to success and do more then we thought we could.
This schools academic aspect was pretty good but could probably use a little work and the teachers are great and friendly
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