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Morrisville Borough School District Reviews

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I have been going to Morrisville Borough school district since I was in kindergarten. I grew up in this town I’ve seen a lot of people come and go and overall made so many friends and got a very good education. I love how diverse our school is and how fun a classroom can be while still learning of course. I have to say, our school has made many changes throughout the faculty and students in the way we run things at her school and it’s all for the better Morrisville school district has always tried to better their environment so, in all honesty there wouldn’t be anything I would like to change.
a very lousy school district where the staff and administration only care about abusing their power they are a laughing stock and a joke they are also an embarrassment and a disgrace they are the perfect example of e everything that is wrong with education today a complete and total waste of time to attend there because as a student there you won't learn anything the worst school I have ever attended overall a piece of trash school district that I absolutely dislike hate loathe despise detest and abhor
I love morrisville because of the closeness of teachers and students you really feel like they care about you and they really do, you get to know them closely throughout high school. Some downfalls to morrisville are because of money we do not have much of it so we don't have many clubs sports and activities. I enjoy the experience that they can give though I love the effort they put in they really try their best.
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Morrisville was a nice experience. It was very small, and had limited resources, but there was a sense of community. It also prepared me well academically for college.
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