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Morrison Community Unit School District No. 6 Reviews

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The school as a whole has a great atmosphere. Teachers and other faculty are very friendly and willing to help out. Morrison High School has some students who act out and misbehave, but all together the student community is a great group of boys and girls. The school is currently working on a huge renovation of all bathrooms, locker rooms, and installing air conditioning which is a GINORMOUS benefit to students. The administration dishing out money to make the school better just shows that they really do care about their students and faculty. The food for lunch is not the best, but is any school lunch really that great? All together, however, Morrison High School is a very promising school that offers endless opportunities for success to students.
Morrison has a good and positive environment. Most of the teachers care about your education and want you to do well in the future.
The teachers and staff were nice to the students and very helpful. They knew how to help in a time of need.
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I enjoyed my experience in the Morrison school district. I don't recall disliking any of my teachers, and there were many that were very helpful and kind. The environment seemed healthy and safe, and I didn't experience any bullying.
I enjoyed going to school here. The teachers were nice and most of them were good at explaining things and keeping it interesting. The school seemed safe, and I didn't notice much bullying, but that may just be the small-town atmosphere. Sports and clubs were fun but disciplined/organized. I liked the salads offered at the highschool, and the lunch ladies are very kind:)
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