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I like all the clubs and programs that they offer. When I first started going to Morristown High School, my freshman year, I didn't really know any of the clubs or programs that they had/offered. Now that I'm a senior I've noticed that they actually offer a lot of different types of clubs and programs.
My experiences at Morristown Highschool was very good. I made very important friendships and hope to keep in touch as the years go on. There were many structural problems with Morristown, but overral, I think it was a fantastic school to spend four years at.
My experience at Morristown High School was interesting. When first came to the school, I imagined it to be very different. But in general, it is a good school with high diersity.
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Very diverse school. Teachers are nice. I have learned a lot there due to challenging courses they have to offer. Also enjoyed being able to be very creative in my ceramics class. I am a teachers assistant also in this class which has been fun and a great change from the hard work of my 2 AP courses.
Starting in primary school at Normandy Park, my experience in education as been cutting edge. The education program is consistent with a diversity of educational tools and concepts that were preparatory for future learning and experiential application.
During middle school, the most alluding strategy that was integrated immediately was time management. We were taught the value and essential essence of the use of time. I guess you can relate our educational manipulation to project management goals. Middle school essentuate the knowledge base and skills needed to matriculated and exceed exceptional secondary educational standards.
MHS has exuded a rigorous college preparatory program that has equipped all of its students for success during there College studies.
Teachers actually care about the students they are teaching, they tap into personal aspects with students and make sure they are doing well mentally and educationally. Personally, there were several instances where I wasn't feeling myself and teachers picked up on it and gave me the attention I deserved. I want my kids to attend this district when I am older.
I liked that it was a very diverse general public school experience. My biggest issues with the school was the amount of wasted time, it felt like we weren't being used to our full potentials and we could have been prepped and we could have learned more to succeed in life, the school just about did the bare minimum
The Morris School District is one of the best Districts in the State and definitly the best in the Morris County area. It provides numerous recoruses to accomidate students of all types and numerous schools within the district full of caring and loving adults and teachers who push students to give their full effort each and every day.
This school district cares about their students and aims to create the best graduates possible. I am very appreciative of my education and encourage others to look into the district.
My son is graduating from HillCrest Elementary st the end of the year. The classes are average size and the teachers have gone above and beyond to ensure every child gets the individual attention they need to succeed. The parent and teacher involvement is well organized and I am very happy with the education my son receive in him 3 years there.
School system is infected with over use of computers. Every day there is a new soft ware being installed and majority of science and AP courses are web based ,self teach and teachers are extremely hard on some of students as far as grading, in fact they use soft wares to correct the tests. I'm not against use of technology but to the limit that doesn't replace the teaching. In conclusion ,School system treats students like robots
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