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I went to both Hills and Knolls during my four years. I graduated from Hills and was a member of the field hockey and track teams. The schools did not help ready myself for college or even the work force. After I graduated I went to college for a year for softball and then dropped out to start working full time. I have been working for at least three years now and still do not know how to use the knowledge I learned in highschool. A few teachers would sit down and help but you had to know them from sports or outside of the classroom. The rest of the teachers didn't care about the students. The counselors were no help either, they basically shamed you if you did not have a plan for college or even consider AP courses.
Morris Hills houses one of the best and renown XC/T&F programs in the country. New Jersey is one of the few states that considers fencing as a varisty sport. Morris Hills has a co-ed fencing program that has had quite some success over time. Despite its small student population, there are a number of clubs that help to teach world cultures, provide volunteer hours, etc.
The staff care so much about the students as well. All of my teachers have always offered extra help or reviews whenever needed. They all have interesting personalities, making each classroom a fun experience that one looks forward to. The administration is also very hands-on, providing reminders of school policies, issuing homework free weekends to help relieve student stress, and even provide guest speakers on topics ranging from suicide to surviving fires. Overall, Morris Hills is very well balanced school that provides resources to all of its students and staff, creating a safe and comfortable school environment.
Class room sizes are good. Teachers are friendly and helpful. Athletics and clubs are great. There is something for everybody. Guidance makes sure you are doing okay. Campus is nice, school is clean. Cafeteria has many choices.
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Morris Hills is the best high school in Morris county. I am so glad my parents sent me to that school. I love the sports teachers classes everything about it.
The teachers I've encoutnered all have the same light and passion to teach. They don't just focus on the materials being taught in class. They teach you life skills that you wouldn't have known if you hadn't taken the class. The facilities are okay. The theater department and many arts programs are being condensed and ostracized, which is a huge problem since it decreases the student bodies ability to be creative outside academic walls. Sports are a huge part of the school which is a postive since it encourages students to seek a healthier lifestyle. Overall a very nice school to learn and thrive in.
This school is where i will hold all my memories. I am at school frequently due to marching band and winter guard, and my friends and I all have fun jokes and things to talk about regarding the school. The teachers are pretty nice overall and are very reasonable.
Morris Hills is the best school in my opinion. The faculty is great and the students are as well. I would recommend this school to everyone.
I like that Morris Hills has a diverse student population; experienced & enthusiastic educators! I have been challenged by my teachers, which has helped me to not only mature as a student but also strengthen my academic knowledge. I have been able to easily make life long friends who share common interests & goals with me.
I went to Morris Hills High School for the Magnet program rather than Morris Knolls. This was mainly because I wanted to experience something new, and that is definitely what I got. Morris Hills is a lot more diverse than Morris Knolls, which is one of the reasons I love it so much. The administration cares about their students, and the teachers are usually either really good or just plain horrible. While Morris Knolls seems to have better facilities than Morris Hills, I am so glad I went to Morris Hills as I got to meet so many different kinds of people and learned a lot from my friends.
The sports programs were phenomenal- I've learned everything from the sport itself to mental toughness.

While I was there though, I've noticed a bias against boys stemming from administration. Often boys were targeted when 'trouble' was caused. Being a girl, this stuck out to me. I would like to see a change in that. I've seen many of my guy friends prematurely get yelled at or even punished for things that they did not take part in.

The AP classes were an excellent way to prepare for college. Taking AP lang was the greatest decision I've made, for college English was a breeze for me.
I would like there to be more emphasis on college readiness with programs that are outfitted to help the student decide the major they want to pursue before getting to university. Other than that the facilities need to be emphasized in the bathroom and weight room specifically. Under funding has made these use equipment and technology that is sub-par and can be hindering our students of growth. The food is overpriced at 2.85 a standard meal even if it is very good, it can be reduced along side with the pricey drink selection.
I believe that Morris Hills is a good school district, I can gather no complaints as any high school will have its flaws. The school spirit is usually low however.
I love how the academics are challenging. I learn the material instead of memorizing and forgetting and I really feel this prepares me for college. However, the teachers are not the best. The are good people, some of the nicest I met, but they aren’t great teachers. They are very knowledgeable on the subject, but they don’t convey it over to students in a way we understand.
Morris Knolls itself has great academics and great opportunities to pursue interests in athletics, clubs, or performing arts. I would say though that the school does lack in diversity and culture and the students aren't taught anything at all about tolerance.
I have had a great four years at morris hills high school. I have made many friends, and met many great teachers. The teachers at Morris hills really care about their students, and was always there for me if I needed extra help. I like how there were various clubs and activities for anyone to join. Morris hills really emphasizes how important it is to give back to the community, and how excepting they are to anyone no matter what religion they believe in, or what race they are. I would like to see Morris Hills get different food for their cafeteria and some healthier options.
I would have to say that the best thing about Morris Hills Regional District is the professionalism of the staff. Whether a teacher was experienced for 30+ years or only a few years out of college, they all took their jobs very seriously and their #1 goal was to educate students. Not one teacher made their class easy to the point where students didn't learn anything. Rules were also strict which helped ensure a solid learning environment. The classes were challenging which encouraged us students to try to learn. By senior year I was definitely more than ready for college, and it was noticeable when I came to college and saw how students from other schools were prepared. The administration was very relevant and interactive with the student body.
This website is extremely helpful. It is easy to access, and the scholarships are very organized. I can tell a lot of hard work was put into this site. It is user friendly and I can tell it has the applicants' best interest in mind. I like how all of the scholarships are ordered by the deadline date, with the first one being the most recent. This lets me see which ones I need to get done soon, and when I have some time. It could be a bit more organized with the topics. I like to see which scholarships apply to me more than others, and which ones I have a better chance at winning. If this included more personal questions, I would be okay with that because it would still be in my best interest.
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I really enjoyed the overall experience at Morris Hills High School. The teachers there are the best ever, we have and incredible physics program, and the majority of teachers really care about the students deeply. Hills had many resources such as google chrome laptops, tons of Mac desktops, and a great library. The main things I didn't enjoy would be the administators; they always seemed to try to get students and trouble and didn't try to help kids that struggled with getting in trouble. In addition, the facilities were overall pretty good, there's a great science and academy wings, and the bathrooms and cafeteria were overall pretty good.
The Morris Hills School District is a place that all schools should strive to be like. With exceptional teachers and administration always there to help and a community that is supportive and caring there isn't a place in the school that you don't feel like you are at home. While the lunch isn't gourmet, there is a variety of options for those with allergies or who want to try something new. Annual culture fairs and hundreds of clubs before and after school give students an opportunity to experience various activities and meets tons of people.
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