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I loved going to school here. I loved the small community, you knew everyone. It was easy to be involved in extracurricular activities. The teachers actually cared and knew everyone.
Great small classes and great community. My kid loves all the teachers, staff and peers. Everyone is so helpful and they keep us well informed. They work well wit a busy career momma too. I am very happy with the community and schools here.
My time in Morrice has been nothing but a joy, an opportunity to grow, and a birthplace for greatness. When I started high school, I was already used to the new title of Freshman, and got along with everyone. Part of the reason why is that Morrice is such a small school, so your classmates become closer to you, not unlike family. Every day brought something new and interesting, and I will never forget any of it. Morrice also produces many leadership and service opportunities, and I myself have found myself as the President of both the NHS and student body. I’m also was lucky enough to have many great teachers and mentors, and they geared me towards my acceptance to several colleges and universities, such as U of M Ann Arbor. It has been nothing but an honor to call myself a student. The only thing I could see as a thing to fix is the lack of AP classes, but given the size of the school, it is understandable that they aren’t there.
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It's a great small school where all the teachers are able to help every individual student and get to know each one. The teachers are dedicated to help every student and you can go to anyone of them whenever you want.
I love my small town and the school district. It has grown from when I was there and I hope it continues to grow and get better. I feel a lot of people are giving up because they are seeing no outcome, but it takes time. I wish more the teachers cared like some and wanted to see students prosper. There has been a lot of leadership and good people throughout the school, but many are leaving now because we are running out of funding and the education is falling apart.
Morrice Area Schools provides students with a great opportunity to learn and excel beyond the classrooms. Extracurricular activities including sports teams, clubs, and more are offered K-12. The small town atmosphere is really great environment to live in!
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