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Morongo Unified School District Reviews

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You either count or you don't. Many students drop out before graduation in order to complete their educations elsewhere. From the top down, who you are friends with matters more than anything else.
I am currently a YVHS junior student about to turn senior. I love the curriculum offered and the variety of ways it us taught. The teachers at this high school are more than capable and are intelligent, high class workers that put so much of their hearts and free time into making this school a more wonderful place to be. Spirit is high and the students are incredibly active. The school is lacking in many different resources though that are almost necessities to the teaches as well as the students. A lot of the materials needed are bought, made, carted and driven personally. Not only that, but the school campus is quite sparse and the meals provided are not very healthy for the students. Its a good school, but due only to its amazing staff and surplus of hardworking students full of spirit and an overwhelming sense of spirit.
One thing I like about MUSD is the cultural diversity of its schools. One change this District needs is more advanced classes for high school students.
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I enjoyed the certain teachers that help students and do everything in their power to help. The school food was... school food but it was there when nothing else was. The sports and activities at the school have increased since my Freshman year. The people are okay, the school is a bit relaxed on bullying, especially from upperclassmen towards underclassmen.
I feel that this school district needs a lot improvement. such as keeping teachers at schools needed because I don't have a math teacher right now, and who knows when I will get one. our music program should be funded a lot more yucca valley high school only gets 15000 for all 4 music groups that doesn't help with anything that we need.
It offers a good education by the teachers who are teaching there now. Although they offer a good education, they make some weird choices in what they do with their money there. The school is becoming better and starting to look better also. They are finally painting the school similar to the school colors although they have left the some of the roofs blue which is just weird and looks tacky.
Was there a short period because i transferred from Wyoming, everyone was friendly and helped me get all my credits to transfer and in route with graduating on time.
I enjoy that specifically Twenty-nine Palms High School is highly involved in the small community. The teachers also fail to have the proper materials for AP classes as well as the preparatory tools for the exam. The school also fails to have a diverse array of classes and many students are forced to take useless electives to just fill one's schedule. There is also a lack of AP classes which students wish to take.
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