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Morley Stanwood Community Schools Reviews

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The music program is amazing! Truly a family atmosphere. Staff and teachers are willing to help. Sometimes going out of their way to do so.
I love the size of Morley Stanwood Community Schools. Everyone knows each other which creates a warm environment. The staff is incredibly helpful and friendly as well. One thing I would change is how they handle bullying. Sometimes knowing everyone in the school is not good. Also, I would change the middle school going back to their own building so that the students had more extra curricular activities.
In my experience, most of the people that go to Morley Stanwood are kind good-hearted people. However, I found it very hard to get them excited for school festivities such as the homecoming games and spirit weeks. I love the people I met there, they just seemed to want to do there own individual things by going off and not investing in the school spirit. There's not a whole lot that I would change, besides the poor spirit. I value every teacher I met, each have their own unique style of teaching that I find helps me in different ways. If you're looking for a small-town school with good people and winning sports team records, look no further.
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Morley Stanwood community schools is an amazing public school district, where students of all ages have many options and opportunities to be involved. When you are in a small town community, everyone tends to know everyone and that creates a great atmosphere. Our teachers are all very inviting and all seem to love what they do, and most are always an open ear whenever you need one.
I would like to see a change in equality when it comes to our sports though. Our football team tends to be the focus of it all.
Other than that I have no complaints!
Terrible communication between high school counselor and parent of senior. Found out part way through senior year that son was short on a math credit. Counselor could have let us know prior to the start of senior year.
I have been in Morley Stanwood since second grade and over all I've loved it. For being a small town and a small, close-knit school and community, I've gained life long friends and an experience I'll have forever.
Morley-Stanwood Community Schools provides excellent learning experiences along with many options for students to get the best of their learning. Examples include dual-enrollment and online classes. The althetic department of the school is a huge success and sports have always been an enourmous accomplishemnt among students.
I loved growing up at this school. It is an amazing place. The students all are very intelligent and get along with each other very well.
Sports are a priority over education. Love sports but need an education. Most teachers truly care about the students. Rural community without resources to provide diverse or advanced classes, however qualifying students can take college classes at the State University 15 miles away or online classes to through a community college. Other options are training at the career center for trade skills.
Morley Stanwood is a small but great school. Teachers are always available to help you whenever and on whatever it is that you need help with. Everybody knows everyone and the bullying rate is very low, I rarely hear anything about bullying here. The sports are great but I would like to see them offer more sports. Other than that, Morley Stanwood is an outstanding school and I wouldn't want to be enrolled at any other public school.
For a class c school the education is enriching and the environment is close knit due to it being in a small town
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