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Moriarty-Edgewood School District Reviews

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Very good school and teachers that want to help you succeed! This school also has a lot of elective choices as well as athletic choices, so no matter who you are or what you like, you can be involved in something!
The district has been really declining in the past few years. Poor choices from administration are the main issue, as well as a lack of support for the teachers from said administration.
It was ok. Teachers need to be more supportive and listen to students ideas. Would like to see more clubs offered and would like to see Skills America brought to Moriarty Edgewood school district
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MESD has been so good to my family for multiple generations. I have attended school in the district my entire schooling career. It is full of amazing opportunities for the kids in our small town. There is always something for everyone.
My experience for Moriarty High School was overall great. Teachers are friendly and there are many opportunities to seek a future career from extracurricular activities to many classes to choose from.
I like the acceptance of others with in the community and how we are starting to progress into a great school district for future generations.
What i like about it they teach a lot there. Also the students there are nice but they can be rude alot.
Has great teachers. You will get things done. They always announce when scholar ships are available and always prepare us for the real world.
I had a very influential high school experience. The student may not have been the most likeable people, but taking all AP classes really helped me excel. The teachers for AP were always so outgoing and more willing to help than most teachers, and they seemed as if the enjoyed working there. I learned more than I could have ever imagined in 4 years of high school.
The high school is an average school with a large district. The teachers are nice and work hard. There have been some problems with telling all the students that school has been canceled or not canceling school when the weather does not allow student so go to school.
My experience was so-so. The education is subpar. I was not challenged academically. Drugs were also a major issue on campus. One good thing was the fine and performing arts programs. Surrounding schools do not offer very much in the form of the arts.
This school district is a fantastic place for those looking to succeed in the workplace immediately after High School. However, those seeking higher education might look elsewhere seeing as the majority of school are underfunded, with few dual-credit options.
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