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While the schools are good and have excellent curriculum and teachers, my overall experience with the schools in the district has been poor at best. They cut funding for the arts in order to fund the sports teams; most of which do not need more funding. They do nothing about the bullying situations that go on except for hold assembly’s and tell people to stop. In order to solve a problem you have to take action. Morgan also has a reputation for being a “safe place to raise your kids”. It’s true of you’re white, upper-middle class, and Mormon. If you’re not your children will be bullied and made fun of until graduation day. Think carefully about attending school here. The fine arts departments are wonderful though. We have first rate drama, band, choir, and art teachers. I just wish they’d fund us more
I had a blast my four years at Morgan High school! I was very involved with track and basketball, as well as an NHS President and took part in academic competitions throughout Utah. I would love to see more people involved in their educations and faculty and staff that would challenge their students to achieve even more!
I really enjoyed the small town activities that were put on throughout the school years. I enjoyed playing sports here and the coaching staff. I want to see a change in the diversity here.
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Overall my experience at Morgan is pretty good. The one thing that is a huge problem is the school districts lack heating and air. Morgan gets very cold in the winter and fairly hot in the summer. They have pushed back the start of school by two weeks just because they won’t fix the overheating issues. During the winter students have been known to bring blankets into school. Another thing I would fix is better lunches. They are pretty gross.
Great school, small town, and just a wonderful place! Only downfall is because it is so small if you make a mistake everyone knows pretty fast.
Morgan is one of the best places to grow up. It is a small community so everybody knows everybody. However, that can also be a drawback. The teachers are caring and good people, as well as administration. The only problem is diversity. Morgan is about 95% white and 98% are part of the LDS religion. Any non-white non-LDS people have a tough time at Morgan High School, at least in my personal experience.
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