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Morgan Hill Unified School District Reviews

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Throughout my experience in the Morgan Hill Unified school district Ive never felt like they could be doing more. Specifically the student life at sobrato feels very safe and welcoming to everyone. The teachers are all very respected and take their profession very serious. I feel other staff and counselors really care about my future and want the best for my education. School board meeting are productive and very up to date on current events. Public schools are greatly maintained and clean. Extra curricular opportunities such as sports and clubs are very popular at Ann Sobrato high school. Wide ranges from golf to hockey are provided for students participation therefore it really feels like everyones interests are thought of. Clubs are supported by staff,
I would like to see a better effort in college prep and life preparedness. I also would be happier with less civic points and more opportunities. Also a larger budget and more time for spirit rally's and days. Overall, my high school experience has been mostly good and enjoyable. I also believe the parking permits should be cheaper, most kids cant afford a $60 permit and other schools in the area only have them as $10.
Being in this school district has taught me the meaning of unity and they also strike inspiration in students to become better versions of themselves.
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Overall I had a very good experience in the Morgan Hill Unified School District. I always felt safe on all the campuses and was able to get resources and support when I needed it. There were many programs and meetings for parents and students in order to learn about college and how to prepare for it which were very helpful for to me and my parents. The environment and student life always felt welcoming and safe. There was always a lot of enthusiasm for school spirit and support for the sports teams that made the schools feel whole. One thing however thatI would like to see improvement in is the academics, in some of the subjests I felt that there was not the best teacher which made me stuggle to keep up and basically teach myself, that was were the resources came in use. But overall I enjoyed my experience and would recommend it.
I do not mind Live Oak High School as much as I do most of the teachers, especially history and English teachers. Many of them are overly political and do not teach as much as they should. Some of them preach about their political identity and encourage us to believe the same. This is extremely unprofessional and not right to students who already have certain views and do not wish to hear complaining and constant pushing of certain agendas that do not portain to the class,
Morgan Unified School District offers good educations at the cost of competent teachers. The education I received there was good and I felt that I was prepared for the world and its many challenges but I was taught these lessons by only a handful of teachers throughout my entire academic career. More often then not I had a teacher who taught very poorly and/or displayed attitudes and classes ethics that hindered my growth. Despite that there were a few teachers who's presences has made a very positive impact on my life and future academic career.
I like how when there is a situation that is serious it is handled to everyone's ability to maintain a positive environment.
My best memories of MHUSD took place at Charter School of Morgan Hill, my junior high school. The class sizes were small and that enabled the students and the teachers to have a strong relationship with the common goal of successful learning. In a way, it provided the teaching styles of a private school in a public school. My one criticism is that ever since the later half of my sophomore year of high school (at Ann Sobrato High School), the teachers began to implement school provided Chromebooks into our classrooms. Up until my graduation, I became frustrated with how much teachers began to rely on the laptops to assign homework and even take attendance. I hope that MHUSD will implement the teaching styles of Charter School of Morgan Hill and see that the Chromebooks cannot solve every problem in the classroom.
On a scale of five, I would rate Morgan Hill Unified School District a 3.5. You can’t select a 3.5 on the scale, but from my experiences MHUSD wasn't “Very Good” and it also wasn’t “Average.” Nine years of my life spent at Charter School learning and creating important friendships. The students and staff were benevolent towards each other, making it effortless to build friendships. Middle school promoted a vision that they were preparing us for high school, yet it had not readied me for the anxiety and sleepless nights. Come to high school, the staff don’t care about the students or their health as much as they should. If MHUSD could generate a change, I would love to see more interaction from the staff to the students so that everyone feels like they belong. There have been too many teenagers who feel like they don't belong, or they don't receive the help they need. With support from faculty, I believe students can improve and achieve further in life.
I have been a part of the Morgan Hill Unified school District since I started Kindergarten. It has always been good, with great elementary schools and great high schools both academically and sports wise. Of course there's always going to be teachers and administrator who aren't the best but overall I have never seen an issue with MHUSD.
Attended schools within this district for 16 years, from kindergarten to 11th grade(as I graduated highschool early). I enjoyed the connections I made and my friends that I have kept since grade school. Definitely an overwhelming experience when I attended highschool, this district really needs to work out the issues in the secondary schools. Overall it was a tolerable experience, elementary to pre secondary school carries many fond memories and pleasant experiences.
One of the things that I like about my school district is the amount of community involvement that is available. Finally, my school district decided to withhold student information to ICE in regard to immigration status and made my community feel very safe and protected.
It's a nice school system alot of gifted students and very connected community, Students really enjoy it here, Its a nice town especially to raise a family and not to far of a commute to the city, Also schools provide Chromebooks to students
Fairly decent district. They have some bad teachers but since they're tenured they cannot be fired. Sports were fun to participate in. The yard duties are rude.
My experience in the Morgan Hill Unified School District was unforgettable. I meet many people and was helped by many teachers that really care about where their students will end up. The high schools are good but there could be more improvement in regards to the sell of narcotics at school grounds and improving the streets to for the student's safety. Also the Morgan Hill Unified School District needs to provide resources for students who don't have much and need more.
They mean well in their academics, and are undergoing multiple renovations. One of the middle schools is receiving a much needed $50 million renovation. My experience was average, the only noticeable part was that the demographics were overwhelmingly Hispanic-Latino, but that is average for this area.
This school has a great culture, it's a place where my daughter is empowered, supported, and challenged. We homeschooled our daughter up until having her attend this school, a good family friend recommended it because of their experience with the staff and culture at this school and they were right. Our daughter loves it there and we couldn't be happier with their standards for our daughter.
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I personally was a part of this school district for 13 years I know nothing different however I feel that it is a poorly ran district. I had about 5 good teachers out of the whole experience. They all complain about the pay say that the teachers receive close to lowest pay in California and it clearly effect them vibes in the schools and that the admin makes way too much.
I have been in the MHUSD since kindergarten. My experiences have been nothing but good things. There is a lot of diversity. The teachers and staff are very welcoming and understanding, they will go at your pace. The academic opportunities are amazing. I joined FFA my freshmen year and I have stuck with it since! Live Oak has amazing sports teams and its always fun to go watch a high school game with your peers. The safety of the area is overall really safe. The High school has on-campus police which helps with safety.
When i was a freshman and sophomore i felt comfortable because i had people in the attendance office who i could count on to help me get through rough situations. when i became a Junior in high school my grades plummeted. I had to take many core classes that were difficult and certainly didn't enjoy going to the counseling office and arguing with a counselor who never had your intentions at heart. My counselor was terrible and i feel bad for other students that had to deal with her.
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