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Morgan County schools prepared me for college and life by providing opportunities for me to grow as a scholar and a person.
Morgan County is a school like no other. When you watch cheesy high school based movies you think, "There are no schools like this left". I can tell you that that is not true. Morgan County is inclusive, warm, and family in every sense of the word. The bond between faculty and students is strong, teachers genuinely care about the success of those in their care. When you walk down the hall students and teachers alike live by the code of "One Morgan", meaning, we are a family and what happens to one happens to all. We encourage and support all of our athletics from football to our E-sports team. Everyone is pushed to their best. When thinking back on my high school years I am proud to be an alumni of Morgan County. I am proud of the legacy our school has, and I am proud of the support of everyone who has walked the halls of Morgan County High School.
I really enjoy attending Morgan county high school. It is a great school with great staff. The teachers care about every student equally. Since I started I haven’t seen any bullying, fights, suspicious things. I am glad I get to go to a great high school full of great people
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MOCO is a great school for sports, fine arts, and education. Teachers are kind, students are dedicated, and the community is like a family.
I love Morgan County Schools. I have had experience with Pre-K, Elementary and High School. Next year my child will attend the middle school. The teachers and administration are absolutely awesome. The atmosphere is positive and geared towards our children's success. I love the new buildings and the increased security measures.
To me it’s like any other school there is nothing that really stands out. We have good sports team. We just built a new school. The food is terrible but nobody come to school for food. We don’t have a lot of variety in picking classes.
My school is a fun learning environment where you can be productive in class and learn about your future to be prepared for college. You have many opportunities to get involved and show school spirit. There are many class options and tutors available for you to get the education you need and be prepared for life after high school.
I recently moved to Madison Georgia this summer from New Jersey. I rate this school a four because of their block schedules , we have 4 classes a day which makes the classes longer and gives you more time to really understand or reassure any information during the period. As well we follow a ramp schedule which means everyday one of your four classes is extended for an extra 45 minutes. This schedule makes me feel more comfortable in passing my classes, getting to know my teachers, and reassuring my context verses my old school with a schedule of 8 classes a day . Its not a four star simply because of how spaced out the building is and its almost set up as a campus , however that situation will be fixed during winter break when we move to the new building.
The students and staff are a tight knit group that both work toward college readiness. I would like to see Morgan County have more positive reinforcement for good students and to improve the lunch food for the students.
Morgan County High is a up and coming school! The only regret I have is not being able to attend the new high school!
My experience so far at Morgan County High School has been one of the best in my life. coming from a different school system really makes me appreciate what Morgan County has to offer in terms of my education and athletic opportunities.
My experience was average at best. Lack of attention to detail and poor social environment. Not socially diverse at all, even body shamed during a class meeting.
The best thing about Morgan County Highschool, in my opinion, is that it is an open campus and regardless of your grades in middle school you can take any level of rigorous courses you want. This was extremely valuable to me because I made bad grades in middle school because I wasn't challenged enough and I was able to start over and thrive in advanced level classes.
Morgan County Schools have a really good school system with phenomenal teachers. They are currently in the process of building a new high school and middle school.
Morgan County High School is a very involved school. The administrators as well as faculty, are looking to see their students succeed. Many rigorous assignments are given to bring out the full potential in each individual student. I feel as though students receive their own personal attention from each teacher in hopes to make the student understand what is being taught. It is a tremendously intriguing atmosphere to be around.
The school is in a widely diverse area where social class and ethnicity are combined in one school. The school is in between rich neighborhoods and poor apartment complexes. The administration has been the school's main issue for years, ranging from individuals who slack on their job, to teachers being investigated for certain crimes. There needs to be a better selection process for administration than hiring friends of the administration. The teachers are excellent, but over worked.
The academics at my school are wonderful. There are many challenging courses offered to students to prepare them for college. However, the school building itself is very old, but that is working on being fixed now with a new school in construction!
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Since Morgan County is a small county, you go to school with the same students from start to finish. Growing up in this school system gave me a more personalized relationship with my classmates and teachers. Everybody knew everybody and you felt an actual connection to your school. I loved going to school in Morgan County and graduating with the same kids I went to pre-school with. The only change I'd like to see is a more diversified faculty and staff from school to school.
I loved Morgan County High School, I was readily equipped for college and I had awesome teachers and mentors!
I love the fact that we have so many options when it comes to class courses we can take along with other CTAE pathways that help us decide what we may like to major in when it comes time to apply for college.
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