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Morgan County offers many great schools. All the faculty I have met have been very helpful and want to see every child be better.
Morgan county schools have a great community and lots of community involvement. I'd like to see the academic expectations heightened but overall they are a good school system.
Our schools are safe, we have SROs available for all campuses, every school has a nurse and a full time counselor.
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I liked the overall vibes of all the students and staff. Everyone knows everyone in Morgan County. It was nice having teachers and other staff members that all students were comfortable around. I would like to see a change though in not just one school, but others as well. It seems as if all of Morgan County's money goes to one place. So I ask that all schools get better treatment, especially when it comes to the bathrooms!
I'd like to see more collage readiness for high schoolers.
Also like to see better breakfasts and lunches.
I really enjoy the teachers and staff. They always answer any questions and make sure to teach in a way where everyone can learn and understand.
As a senior at Decatur High School, I’m so thankful for the amazing staff we have. The teachers are always willing to help in whatever way they can.
Most of their staff rocks, but some seem to find it difficult dealing with special needs children. I believe with more education and understanding the environment would be perfect.
My experience in Morgan County has been great. It has been nice to see some changes in the some of the schools and their spirits. I can't what to see what the future holds for Morgan County in the future.
Overall, it was good. I do feel like I was not properly prepared for college and the real world. I think more focus should be put on what college is really about and how to apply for colleges and scholarships. We did not have that information readily available while I was there. Other than that, I feel as though I had a good experience in the Morgan County School system.
what i like about morgan county schools is they have really good safety and the are enhancing students learning ability and the are upgrading the technology in our school
West Morgan is a 3A school located in North Alabama. It has very diverse population. The athletic programs are among some of the top in the state. The academics are very strong and continue to get stronger with each year as the teachers increase the expectations of the students. The faculty and staff work hard to make sure the students are safe and cared for while they are at school. I would definitely send my students to West Morgan High School if I had to do it over again.
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