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Morgan County Schools is an ok school district. There are not many opportunities for students in the county, so the schools try their best to push them academically. In the end, most of the schools in the district only care about the sports (football mostly).
I would like to see more electives. I would also like to see how decisions involving us, as students made differently. I honestly feel like last names and politics run our schools and effects the students negatively.
There were no challenging classes. Football came before school. If you are not from the area you will not receive the same treatment.
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You can get a good education at Wartburg if you are self-motivated and have well established goals for your education. Many of the students are just going through the motions, trying to get through high school in order to go to work. Teachers are well qualified and willing to help those who truly care about getting a good education. Sports are pretty bad and coaching is even worse.
Overall, my school is very good. It lacks in a few areas such as diversity and our food. However, it's also above the curve in other areas, such as teachers, college readiness, and our sports. With a program called dual enrollment, students are given the advantage of taking college courses in their regular high school days as long as they are a junior or senior. And also, with our 2 free years of college most courses are taken for free. If it wasn't for this, many students would be unprepared and all around frightened by the idea of college. Instead, we feel empowered and excited for the future to come. Teachers in my school are very friendly and typically don't pick favorites. This leads to fair grades and a willingness to listen from students as we feel as if we are being treated fairly. They are more than happy to help us in any way possible, and many times go out of their ways for us. Things like this make my school worth waking up early for!
I loved being apart of a small school, because it offers so many benefits that larger schools sometimes cant. Making personal connections with teachers and being seen as a student and not a number is always wonderful.
I have always went to Warburg Central in Morgan County School District, and I feel that we have some of the best teachers.
I'm a senior at a Morgan county school. Overall my experience is has been good just think that we should have ap classes to help for college.
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