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Morgan County R-II School District Reviews

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I've loved most of the teachers here, but I think they need to spend more time on students. I've been going to this school for about eleven years now, and it hasn't been that bad.
It’s a public school. I go to school for free (except for the occasional field trips, lunches, etc.). I love most of my teachers and they treat us like adults ourselves, letting us take part in debates or controversial issues without shutting us down. I think our school board can be very narrow-minded and, like our teachers, let the students have some sort of option in how the school is run. I also think our school could work on opening up to the public and our community. We don't have the most diverse clubs and I would like to see that change but they are slowly starting to incorporate more than your standard sports.
The Versailles High School, is by all means of a small town school, a great one. I’ve been going to school here for seven years. We have many electives, thanks to the staff that does their best to help students learn as much as they can. Woodshop, band, german, agriculture, speech, piano, guitar, and culinary classes are just a few of the electives that allow students to learn. The teachers are always pushing all of their students to work hard and do well; they are always willing help when the help is needed.
While Versailles is a great school, like all schools, it has its flaws. While we claim to reach out into the community, others along with myself feel like our school could reach out more to our community. And like many schools, we deal with the ever growing issues of drugs. Students have snuck them into our classrooms. As soon as the teachers found out however there was immediate action to stop the problem and the issue has declined rapidly.
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I wish that they would've focused more on the arts, and funded more for students. I'd like to see more teacher to student involvement and see less actual bullying from both students and teachers. I wish that this school would focus more on the education not the small town.
This high school has been good for me because the teacher student relationship is very one on one. This has helped me learn more easily. The teachers are also very helpful when you need anything or have questions. They’re always willing to go out of their way to help you succeed. The teacher to classroom ration is about 1:15 on average. This is good in a learning environment as well. The administration has also been very good in helping students with whatever they need. I feel very safe at the school and I have never felt in danger. I have had a good experience in going to school at this school district and I would recommend it to anyone who is moving to the area.
I liked the small town atmosphere and willingness to help your community. I would like to see more technology upgrades to the entire school district . More security established with in school entrances also.
Morgan County R-II School District is a great place to learn and prepare for the future. The teachers are understanding and ready to help us face the obstacles ahead. One thing I would like to see changed is student body involvement with ALL sports. Another thing would be healthier lunches for the students. Other than that this school is a great school!
I would like to see more of a focus on academics rather than sports. A student that plays a sport is given more chances than a student with a 4.0 GPA.
I had a wonderful experience at Morgan County R-2. I excelled both academically and in athletics. The entire staff was supportive of all that I did.
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