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Moreno Valley Unified School District Reviews

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I play basketball for Valley View and the coach I Nd staff is excellent. The school is a very safe and secure environment with great teaching.
Overall, MVUSD is a good district. They really try to be well rounded with education and their community. They do visit their schools and see what is going on and do grade checks on campus life and teachers.
the district, for the most part, provides funding for most of the things I wanted to do like science fair and robotics but nothing for programming other than one c++ class that I didnt know existed till my junior year. the actual people on the campus, meaning the students, are somewhat violent and security guards are required. the district does fund the most part of the administration is pretty much good.
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I think the anti bullying should get changed up. Valley view is filled with hypocrites. Cyber bullying is an issue and it isn’t cool that a kid had to switch schools because the school nor faculty did anything at all. I think that they messed up by allowing a lot of kids Emeterio valley view. There’s barely any space to walk outside ! The bathrooms are horrible, especially the girls bathroom. As well as the bathrooms for the pool deck.
I never had a problem with MVUSD, they want their students to succeed and by doing that they give us great support.
It is a diverse community and many educators care about ones growth. Educators try to provide resources to hep with one's success.
My experience at this school district has allowed to obtain a profound work ethic and I believe now I am readily prepared for college. In addition, these various schools have shaped the subjects I truly am passionate about and like because I have taken many higher level classes in my preferred areas of study. Lastly, I think that overall despite my low ratings, these school is/was beneficial to me for the last twelve years; thus, I have become more disciplined and have gained more integrity.
My overall experience at Moreno Valley Unified district is not an as good experience because depending on what school you go to and how you like it there. I went to 4 schools in Moreno valley which are, Butterfield elementary, bear valley elementary, mountain view middle school and valley view high school. I went to Butterfield Elementary when I started 2nd grade, then I transfer to Bear Valley which is across from my house because I didn't like my teacher at Butterfield on my first day as a new student. Mountain View Middle School was to strick about phones at lunch and if they see us with our phones out they will take it to the front office and make our parents come to pick it up after school. I felt like it wasn't a big deal to take our phones the whole day because first what if something bad happens and you don't find out it until after school or your someone important is trying to get shold of you.
One thing that I like about our district is that we have the avid program. The avid program has helped me prepare for college ever since my freshman year of high school.
I like that Moreno Valley Unified School District does the most to try and keep everyone together. They like for you to stay on track and do everything you need for college. I would like a change with more involvement as a school.
My experience with Moreno Valley Unified School District. My learning experience was good every day I learn new things. The teachers working in Moreno Valley were schools that were are very good they help me every time I ask them to work or tutoring they always take the time to help out there students. The clubs sports and schools are very good nice its a good environment to learn.
My experience at Moreno Valley Unified school district has been great over all a good learning environment where all teachers are gladly there to help you on any questions you may have.
Moreno valley Unified School District has many great schools and some not so great. I have been part of Moreno Valley Unified District since Preschool all the way to my senior year. I attend Moreno valley high school and my academic experience has been pretty good. A problem this school has is that The administration has diversity towards students.
The schools that I been to are decent. I went to Creek side elementary, Sunny Mead Middle School and Moreno valley high school. The teachers are amazing but it was the students that didn't make the experience the greatest because i was caught up in drama that i had nothing to do with. The staff at these schools helped me so much with helping me with my work and at home situations.
I've never had problems with the district. they are pretty helpful the only complaint i have is that some of the workers are somewhat rude and seniors are not allowed to decorate their caps for graduation. i think we should be able to decorate it how we want because we bought the cap and gown and we should be able to personalize it how we want
The Moreno Valley Unified School District has been great to me it has provided me with everything to be college ready and the teachears have been a great help. I also wrestle and I widh we had our own room instaed of having to share it.
Moreno Valley Unified School district is about average. One thing that does stand out about them is their A.S.T.E.R.I.S.K program which offered upperclassmen the opportunity to become employed for a summer and gain work experience.
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Moreno Valley School District is the most supportive and exhilarating district that I have ever been apart of. The leaders of this district always make sure the students and faculty are comfortable in classes and everywhere around each campus in the district. When any school from Moreno Valley School District visits another, we always leave an impression of being respectful, responsible, and proper.
I would like the staff and students to have more school spirit and for the environment to be safer and more comfortable for students.
It felt like they tried harder to make high school like college rather than preparing us for our future as a whole. I felt like kids who chose to go to community college were shunned and discouraged.
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