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Moravia Central School District Reviews

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Small community so teachers know the kids and they are very attentive and help them excel. Many people love it here since its not over crowded and they feel welcome. Good academics and prep for college. Able to take college & Advance Placement courses while in HS
As a senior at Moravia High School, trust me when I say that this is the best school in a 30-mile radius. For starters, in terms of athletics, the school is second-to-none within our area and division. Our Boys' Basketball team won our school a state championship last year for goodness sake. In terms of academics, the school works actively to promote a positive learning experience. The small size of the school promotes a strong sense of community amongst myself and my peers, and it also promotes students to have positive relationships with the teachers. For the cons, I would have to say that the school is far from diverse. It's about 98% white people, and few other races are to be found.
Living in a small community lends to small class sizes, therefore we have more one on one experiences with our teachers. We have the most amazing Music program, for band and chorus, allowing students to showcase their talents in many ways outside of academics! Being in a small school also brings community together for sports and when you grow up playing with the same kids, you have a fluidity in team that most schools do not ever experience!
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Personally, I love the small school atmosphere, and the tight nit community. The small graduating classes are wonderful in that they create a "family" between classmates, everyone knows everyone.
My daughter gose to school there and so far I'm pleased with everything at the school !!! And I so wish that this was not 100+ characters I'm a lady of few words
I really loved and appreciated the small town community. Despite being small Moravia still offered a lot of activities.
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