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I enjoy the commitment that the faculty and parents put into education. There are some issues with learning environment.
Most teachers here are amazing, especially once you get to the high school. They care about the students as people, rather than cattle to shepherd for years. They show interest in who you are as a human, and want to help you exceed in life. They're very friendly, and if you keep an open line of communication you're sure to get a bit of flexibility if you have problems. The school itself is in rough shape, since the citizens refuse to donate small amounts in taxes to fix it.
I wish the facility and the food was a bit nicer. This school has been here since 1904 and it in in real need of a redue.
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The teachers at MHS are great!! They work so hard to make sure we understand and help us on their own time.
Mora School District was an okay High School, like all schools they had some problems. Yet, the schools staff was very involved in everything going on from sports, to community events and school functions. The school has some college classes that were a great chance to try and get some college credit and get ahead.
The teachers and the majority of students provide a welcoming and positive experience. There is always help available. The school building needs to be completely updated because there are many issues with it. My experience with sports was also terrible. A few of the coaching staff are very immature and don't know what they're doing.
It's a lovely district with very supportive schools! Each student's individual way of learning is acknowledged and encouraged. The teachers prepare their classes to be ready for the next school year, whether it be from moving from one grade to another or going off to college. The arts programs are amazing, with great band instructors and passionate art teachers.
i really love the teachers and the the overall experience is fantastic i really think mora is a really good place to go to school Because its so safe.
I really enjoyed the fact that you would be able to interact with everyone you went to school with. You basically new everyone that was at your school in the high school. I also really liked the one on one attention you get from the teachers. The employees and the teachers really try their hardest to help their students succeed; here they are not just a number. I wish they had more activities and extra curricular clubs to offer. I also wish that they would have the proper funding to get better computers and technology in the schools. I think it would also be nice if they could add on to the school where clubs could meet.
I think I would Have to sag that wha t I really enjoyed was how caring the staff is. Yes their your teachers bit when something happens to you or your family they are the 1st ones to step Up. It's amazing. Secondly, I would have to say i really liked the class size. It wasn't to big that you couldn't get extra help in a class if needed ,but again the same time you were not in a class so small that you were center stage with the teacher. Lastly, I would have to say it's the ft I ends that I made that have lasted 10 or more years and know that they will last a lot l ok nger. It's playing sports and joining groups that tighten the bond we have with each other it's not the things that go on outside of school but everything we did and do together in school.
My experience in the Mora Public School District was a good one. The school had very friendly staff and teachers. I was the Class of 2015 and they had me very nearly prepped for college by the time I graduated. I loved that they had admissions counselors from colleges all over the state come to visit with students and tell them about college. And that is one of the ways that I found my dream school at the University of Minnesota Crookston. The one other thing that I absolutely loved about Mora Schools was the club organizations. I was in the Mora FFA Chapter for 3 years. I enjoyed teaching the younger kids about leadership and what it takes to be a leader and step up to support your community. It taught me a lot and helped me shape the person I want to be in life.
Mora High School's interest is anywhere but in the students. There has been one teacher in my whole career of going to school there that recognized my growth and success, while the others focused on only the students who played in sports or who were above average in their academics. It was an unfair environment that constantly seemed like a competition for recognition and acceptance. To me, it seemed like a lot of the time the teachers wanted to go home more than the students did, and it provided an unfair and unrealistic view into our high school and college careers. I was not prepared for any of the experiences in my years to come, let alone college. It is a school that really makes you fend for yourself, leaving students lost and alone in their path to education.
I enjoyed my experience at Mora High School, however I was not well prepared for college when it came to major decision, classes to take, etc.
I attended school in Mora my whole life. Overall they aren't to bad at teaching, depending on the teacher. I enjoyed my elementary years for sure.
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