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Moorpark Unified School District Reviews

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The Moorpark Unified School District is a tight knit community that cares about its students. The MUSD staff is dedicated to ensuring that all MUSD alum are receiving the tools they need to lead successful lives. Because Moorpark is a small city, learning is very one on one. There is always a teacher willing to help a student should the need arise. Overall, very satisfied with MUSD.
The educational experience is overall great, I had mostly amazing teachers all through K-12. The main issue with the district is that there's little to get involved in outside of the mostly not-so-stellar sports teams.
I would say that my experience with the school district has been very good in some areas, but rather lackluster in others. As a sophomore in high school, I personally look at the academics and college readiness categories when it comes to levels of importance. The high school does a great job with this, with a specific room and counselor for any college needs. The academic category is pretty great as well, although my other students and I have had quite a few issues with the math department. Overall my main issue is the school's choice in funding. Many times they look to funding the football program for unnecessary items, whilst not looking to help programs like water polo afford a pool to play in. They also neglect the amount of money spent on food, which leads to many unhealthy alternatives. I also wish the school would make a greater effort to unite the students as one school, rather than different classes. It would make the four years we have in high school way more enjoyable.
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The Moorpark Unified School District has many strengths in its academics, teachers, and administration. While not all of the teachers in this district seem to be all too qualified for the position, there are many teachers in this district who feel as though they want to make a difference in the children's lives that they are influencing. They offer many opportunities for students who want to go the extra mile and excel in their academic studies, and their administrators are great at helping them along the way. That being said, there are a few instances where the district falls flat on its face. The food at these schools is rather poor, and while it's understandable, as there are many mouths to feed, most of this food is packaged and filled with preservatives, making for a rather unhealthy lunch. Additionally, the clubs seem to lack resources and encouragement, to the point where they're forgettable. Despite its shortcomings, MUSD is a decent place to enroll your student.
Went to elementary school and middle school in Moorpark and met the best people. Recently finished up my grad program prerequisites at Moorpark College and I can see why it is one of the best community colleges in the nation. The campus is green and gorgeous. Classes are intimate and the professors truly know you and care. I love it.
Moorpark High School is a great school filled with an amazing staff whose teachers and administrators who wish to see the students succeed. However, I wish to see more press around other sports such as cross country and tennis to name a few. I feel like they’re left out and football is in the spotlight a lot.
Moorpark Unified School district is a pretty good district. They keep everything organized and really do think about the students. They are extremely social and detail oriented and always do their best job. The schools in this district are very good school, producing kind and thoughtful students and adults. Moorpark Unified really tries to make sure every pathway, the arts, sports, science, etc, available to every student and we really appreciate that. Moorpark truly has an outstanding district.
The school district has wonderful staff and is always very helpful when any concerns or issues arise.
Very good people. Nice to see how friendly and helpful everyone is. Teachers are very professional and want to see students succeed.
The school in the Moorpark Unified School distract has amazing teachers and staff and have helped shape me into who I am today.
Moorpark is friendly, clean, and welcoming. The staff is always helpful and the professors really want you to succeed in the courses you enroll in.
10/10! I've loved my experience here.
The teachers here are great people who want to help you. But, I wish the high school was more connected to its own arts program. It is amazing how good the arts programs are throughout the whole school district.
I have been in MUSD for my whole life. It was pretty ok. Some of the teachers that I had were the best in my life, they really help encourage me to learn. Other teachers would pick on me for my learning disabilities (this only happened in elementary and middle school). The teachers (for the most part) are easy to talk to and very accommodating, and it is easy to switch out of a class that is difficult for you, especially if you have an IEP or 504 on record. I would like to see an improvement of the teacher ethics of the few teachers who pick on the disabled.
Moorpark Unified School District had very unqualified teachers that were not very helpful to the students.
The Moorpark Unified School District has prepared me for my future and has developed me into a great scholar in my studies. I am passionate about Journalism and the faculty and teachers were able to help me find internships and jobs that I could pursue in order to get my foot in the door for my career. Everyone is so nice and open, always ready to help you. I don't think I've ever had a bad experience with the school district. I am a better person because of everyone in this district and what they taught me.
Moorpark College has a friendly, accessible and pleasurable schooling environment. The classes are engaging, with a great deal of variety. The school has many options for students and the campus is very negotiable.
Moorpark college has pleasantly surprised me and my experience so far has been everything I've needed. The faculty and teachers care about the students and my experience with the GPS counseling has been wonderful.
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MUSD is very good at keeping students safe and academics as a primary focus. The small city successfully keeps a majority of students in Moorpark and only has one high school resulting in unity and better athletics.
The education system has worked hard in hiring teachers that have students best interests at heart. They're dedicated teachers who are adamant on students understanding the material. The only drawback would be the choices of food given to the students. There are not healthy options that could sustain a child's health.
The performing arts (theatre) department needs more funding, but overall the school provides a nice environment where kids have access to all they need for success
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