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Moorhead Public School District Reviews

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I felt the education was very strong in Moorhead. There were excellent advanced classes for my daughter who was in many AP classes and this helped her on her ACT tests. My son has special needs and the Special education department was excellent from early intervention all the way through high school. After moving to the twin cities after they graduated, I realized even more how excellent these services were compared to what was available in many of the suburban schools I hear about from parents. My relatives who also teach special ed in Wisconsin called my son’s special services in Moorhead “the Cadillac” version.
The teachers are good at their job and do a great job preparing you for college. The school itself needs to be remodeled because it is old and doesn't hold enough kids. The food could be way better.
It's excellent how the principles are friendly to talk to. All the teachers I had were patient, knowledgeable, and entertaining. Food is something that you can live with, but not something you would enjoy. I am not a big fan of the one door in policy, but I understand the importance of it. Sports are my favorite part of my entire high school career, all the coaches were skillful and patient. The coaches treat everyone the same, no matter what skill level you are. Lunchroom has a little bit of issue on space management. There're 400 students attending each lunch, but there are only 250 chairs. Even though all the students are given a 30 mins lunch break to go outside of school for lunch, the lunch room's still always packed with students.
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Amazing school district, always felt welcomed by teachers and staff. I also am very grateful for all the opportunities that were presented to me.
It is very diverse, so you get a sense of culture amongst your classmates. It feels like family, but everybody just seems to know names between people. It has an odd but yet welcoming feel to it.
The teacher are really nice and everyone is very helpful, even the majority of the students. The counselor are really nice and do a good job at helping students make big choices
Our child's class size has been 25:1 in K and 26:1 in 1st. No assistants or PARAs. P.E., art, health and music are 50:1.
I liked the majority of the teachers. I would change the class sizes so they are smaller and more personal. Our high school needs remodeling or just build a new one. Outdated technology and buildings.
The teachers throughout the Moorhead public schools district show integrity, honesty, and are very compassionate about learning and students. One thing that I don't enjoy is how packed some classrooms can get. In my college writing class I have 12 adolescents, on the other hand, my government class had over 30. I think downsizing class size would improve learning for many students.
Overall, the Moorhead schooling system excelled at many different things. Whether it be the arts or athletics, there was always something to rally behind. The teachers and staff throughout the school are very personable and help you to achieve your goals and college dreams day in and day out. With offering AP and PSEO classes, gaining college credit is made as easy as it can get. There is a lot of Spud Pride and many alums of the school had made returns to honor where they have come from.
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