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Mooresville High School has all the right morals but they do not do a good job portraying them. They restrict their children more than most schools. 3/4ths of the bathrooms have been locked and students have no access to them, leaving us having to walk a block across campus to use the bathroom when there are brand new ones 5 feet across the hall.
The school overall is a very good school and used to be advanced. It has fallen off in the past few with the technology as the prices are not changing. The staff is amazing, the only true problem is the students.
Teachers that work extremely hard to make sure students succeed. Student to teacher ratio nowhere near 18:1. Most intermediate and middle school classses are more like 30:1. Middle School is over crowded and unfortunately discipline is increasingly an issue. There needs to be more support given to teachers by top administrators. Consequences as stated in student handbook needs to be followed by administration.
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I am a recent graduate from Mooresville High School class of 2019, and I was in Mooresville Graded School District from K-12. Mooresville Graded School District is one of the top districts in North Carolina. There are plenty of options for struggling families and families I need to help there kids earn a education. Our athletic department is fantastic, after cheering my senior year I saw the background of the athletic department they take cheer very seriously now it’s a sport in our school. The teacher in Mooresville are great, I love the energy they give to all student and they welcome use with open hands. I would say if ur looking for a good school system to put your child in, Mooresville Graded School District is the place for them.
One of the best things about Mooresville Graded School district is that they put students first in everything that they do. Literally. I know every school district says that, but Mooresville sets their priorities on the students. Every school offers students the best teachers and administration. I honestly wouldn't trade a thing or change a thing. I had the best experience.
I liked all the electives we were able to choose from, so we can take courses that we find interest in.
Mooresville Graded School District has many supportive teachers and faculty. However, some of the administrators are not very good due to the micromanagement of their teachers and not very helpful when it comes to aiding students and listening to their grievances. This school is very technologically advanced however, using computers for almost every assignment and lesson. This allows many students to be able to comprehend most subjects a lot easier and brings them closer to the ever-changing world of technology.
What I like about Mooresville City Schools are that the teachers care about the students. They are there to teach and if you need assistance they are there for you. On my personal experience, I was driving to school and a dog ran out of front of my car. I almost hit the dog. I was to have a test in my class, but the teacher knew I was upset that she calmed me down and I didn’t have to take the test at that moment. I was a wreck.

I started at Mooresville City Schools in kindergarten. My parents decided before I started to school to move from the district that we lived in so I can a better education. This is the reason why we leave in Mooresville City District. The classroom sizes are a good size.

What needs to be changed is the food at the schools.
We moved here in 2010 from the west coast. I was in the 3rd grade at the time. The change was difficult at first, but the teachers made me feel welcome. I made friends quickly, and started to get involved in baseball and basketball though the Mooresville Rec.

I feel very confident that the schools and the positive environment they provide have helped me become who I am today. I have always struggled with self confidence/worth, from a young age. Now as I go through my senior year I feel that I know who I am and what I’m capable of.

The teachers at Mooresville High School especially have always been very supportive, and great at helping me reach my full potential.
I just received my acceptance letter to Liberty University a couple days ago! I would have never thought this was possible if not for my teachers.

I’ll always be greatful for all they have helped me accomplish.
It great academic schools here but unfortunately sports are not as big as they can be. Teachers and coaches make great connections with there student-athletes though.
Mooresville City Schools are, by far, the best schools in the area. They provide a fun and open environment for any student. If you have an issue, you can count on the administration handle it quickly and efficiently. I'm proud to say that I will soon be an alumna of this amazing system.
Attending Mooresville City Schools for 12 years have been amazing. You have so many resources to use including apple macbook airs that you get to take home. Having the privilege to take home laptops help me because I have more ways of expanding my education and creativity to learn the content to my best knowledge.
The facility is going through construction which makes it difficult for the students. The school district is excellent in supporting the students and faculty. They do supply each student with a laptop.
I recently graduated from Mooresville Senior High School. I would overall give this school a 4 star rating for the first 3 years. My senior year, which was supposed to be one of the best times of my life was average. We had construction going on constantly with most of it starting in my sophmore/junior year. We we would be taking state exams, regualr testing, and etc with construction going on in the background! MHS did an okay job of keeping their students safe from construction, minus a few accounts. Education wise, mooresville was great! Most of our teachers tried their best to work with the students and different learning styles while some decided that it was their way or the highway.
It was a awesome experience k-8 but I I got to highschool there wasn't many teachers that were great to learn from. There was a few who were boring and you didn't learn anything from.
I think this school distract is probably one of the best in all of the country because they definitely put the student and child first. But of course there are some flaws because not thing is prefect. Currently the high school is under construction and it had created a lot of disorder and chaos for the school. They also told us that the construction would be completed in a year and it has been about two years. Overall Mooresville is a great place to educate your children.
I love how Mooresville is so hands on. Especially with them being very laptop initiative starting as low as the third grade. They have done a lot for people in their successes and of course the POTUS Barack Obama came to visit the school district in 2013.
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I have enjoyed going to school in the Mooresville Graded School District. They provide laptops for their students, and I think this benefits students in their education. This allows students to have technology skills, be flexible, and learn more. When unsure about a lesson or topic, I am able to research more information to help me become more knowledgeable. Also, the teachers in the district are very helpful. They give many opportunities to go to tutoring for more clarification on a topic or lesson.
I moved from the Cabarrus County school district to Mooresville my junior year of high school. Being in MGSD (Mooresville Graded School District) has been a very terrible experience. The administration there was terrible when dealing with enrollment. They were beyond rude to my mother and me. The counseling staff was made up of the rudest people I had ever met. The only good thing about this school is their amazing college advisor. The school is undergoing construction, with a bunch of workers who have not been background checked that also cat call the underaged girls. Theres bottles of alcohol and cigarette butts everywhere. The school is an open construction site, with power tools and supplies everywhere.The schooling in the classrooms is all on the computers, everything I learned in any of my classes I had to research myself on Google. In comparison to my first high school, the learning in MGSD is all self taught with very rude staff.
A great school full of opportunity, can be a bit unorganized at times and they chose an awful time to have construction. However, great school that prepares you for the world.
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