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I like that the teachers have given me the tools to succeed and go to college as well. I do wish that my school had AP medical classes.
They are always interested in how your doing, how your classes are going, and how you are doing in sports. They are also always there for you.
There are few members of the administration that care the wellbeing of students. The staff have allowed a juuling/vaping epidemic to take over the schools, as well as allow hate speech and harassment to be thrown around without repercussion.
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Mooresville High School offers a variety of courses to help challenge their students, as well as the staff to help and encourage them. Opportunity for all students are available, as well as the opportunity to become a leader in various sports and clubs.
Good schools overall, teachers all show effort and care about their students. There are many opportunities for clubs and new ideas are welcomed.
Lately, some students have gotten caught vaping in the bathroom so the assistant principle locked up all the bathrooms and were not allowed out of class until passing period. Many people have seen him going through students bags without their permission or them even being around. Personally, he has grabbed me by my backpack and has gotten in my face because me and my boyfriend were standing in the hallway, just like all the other couples that were standing around us. He really should be fired, he discriminates the students and tries to act all cool about it. Girls and boys are segregated on the buses. Also, one time the fire alarm went off out of nowhere and 5 or 6 firetrucks showed up. We were all sent back inside. Then the principle went on the overcom and told us there was just smoke in the boiler room in the middle school, which is connected to the highschool. But one of the custodians told us there really was a fire. This is the worst school i've ever been to.
I do not like a whole lot about going to school here. As someone that has had the opportunity to experience many different cultures and live in a diverse environment I find the diversity here to be highly lacking. Furthermore I believe that the overall experience is lacking due to the high student to teacher ratio. In addition to this classes are mundane and lack any legitimate excitement or apparent connection to the real world (with the acceptation of math based classes).
I have had an overall very good experience throughout my life at Mooresville Schools. I never had any big issues and have been overall happy.
Mooresville Schools are a 4 star rated school system and have some very good programs for the kids. High school students are able to get a dual degree in engineering through Purdue and offer college classes through Ivy Tech Community College starting in freshman year.

Many of the teachers are friendly and understand the needs of children. With smaller class sizes and teacher aids, children are able to get one on one attention more than other schools equal in size.
Good school with many motivated staff members. These individuals were clearly involved with student life. There was minimal diversity, due to the location.
This corporation has a wonderful staff and focuses on giving students the best experience they can. I never had any issues while attending, and am very grateful for all of the help the teachers and other staff gave me in preparing me for life after finishing high school.
The teachers here have been great. They have invested in my education and learning process. I can go to them for help and advice and feel comfortable.
It was overall a very pleasant experience there! I felt like a few situations could have been dealt with in a better way from the staff that are higher up in the totem pole, but major problems were always addressed in a timely manner. Students and staff were very friendly.
The teachers at Mooresville Schools adequately prepare students for post secondary school or jobs. Overall the school system is good; however, it could use some work in dealing with student disputes and thoroughly addressing situations that make other students feel unsafe.
Mooresville is an interesting place. The teachers do their very best to help you in anyway they can. The hardest part of their job, however, is dealing with the administration. This challenge is then illustrated to all the students through the work this teachers do and the complaints the teachers make to the students. I believe I got it very good education; however, I know I’ve taught myself at least two classes, which most people are unable to do.
I really enjoyed my senior year at Mooresville High School. My younger brothers have gone here or will go here in the future, and I have no issues with this as it is a great school. I had several teachers and faculty members who showed genuine care for myself and other students which is not something you see often in high schools.
I have enjoyed MHS very much. They have a few excellent teachers, average academics and a great athletic atmosphere. The administration is somwhat invilved with the students but that is starting to improve with new leadership.
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Mooresville High School has many incredible places in it for oppourtunities where you should look to do for amazing memories. There are good and bad teachers but in tough times those good teachers deserve to be called Great teachers. People are helpful and want to do everything they can to get you to walk across that stage at graduation and have a great time while getting there.
Mooresville has allowed myself to grow as a person. Attending this school allowed for myself to gain mentors that I will always be able to go to for questions or advice. All teachers were willing to help myself and other students understand a certain topic when confusion occurred. The teachers also reached out when a student seemed to be struggling, not only with school but in life general. I was lucky enough to go to Mooresville to gain the confidence in my education due to my outstanding teachers.
My years at Mooresville High have beeen rewarding. I have accomplished all I have applied to. My teachers have been informative and friendly. Some have been like family.
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